False witnessing is The ninth commandment concerns our own and our neighbour’s good name: Thou shalt not bear false witness, v. 16.

This forbids, 1. Speaking falsely in any matter, lying, equivocating, and any way devising and designing to deceive our neighbour.

2. Speaking unjustly against our neighbour, to the prejudice of his reputation

3. Bearing false witness against him, laying to his charge things that he knows not, either judicially, upon oath (by which the third commandment, and the sixth of eighth, as well as this, are broken), or extrajudicially, in common converse, slandering, backbiting, tale-bearing, aggravating what is done amiss and making it worse than it is, and any way endeavouring to raise our own reputation upon the ruin of our neighbour’s.

Now many take it lightly just to make remarks about our pass leaders e.g. MLK slept around.

Now I have no way of knowing wether he did or not, the man could have. He was wrap in flesh as we are. But unless one saw this action with their own eyes they would be considered a "false witness."

wether or not the FBI or whomever says they have tapes, the fact of the matter is, a christian talking about another christian in this manner, and really a christian retaining memory of these things in reference to a sis/bro is wrong.

3John 1:11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good....

not to mention the communication from our mouths as Christians should always endeavor to edify the body of Christ not to be a gossiper of it.

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Amen Brother
MLK did have affairs, nothing new, doesn't take away the wonderful things and works that he completed. At least he stepped outside the four walls of the church and died and suffered for the sake of the Gospel. What about us? Is the truth gossip? What if we were to "gossip" all the good things one has done??? The 9th commandment is referring to being a "false" witness with the intent of destroying the person as the Pharissees and saducees did when trying to devise a plan to kill Christ. The charge was blasphemy, that they lied on Him to get the rest of the sheeple (like most of us) to be complicit in getting the majority to say, "Crucify Him".... nothing new, as it was yesterday it is today. Please lets stop minimizing and corrupting the laws of God to justify a silly point.
false witnessing is what the commandment states, that is why "hear say" is not permitted in courts of law.

You don't know what the man did, and if he did, I agree he died and suffered for the sake of the gospel and affairs are between the married couple and God, ONLY, so we don't have a right to speak on them.

false witnessing done with or without intent can destroy peoples lives. What YOU may think is silly may not be to others and that is something YOU especially will have to come to an understanding about, if you are going to be doing missionary work abroad.

God will take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, don't find yourself confound
Please don't tell me what my role will be as a missionary, since you have no idea of what that entails since very few of us could care less, talk about false witnessing where we are no witnesses. Anyway, back to the ranch. We are also called to warn, expose and to rebuke those things that cause death. and the wages of sin is still ...DEATH. It was already confirmed and old news that MLK was not perfect but a man who fell, got back up and continued to fight for the rights for the oppressed. Even though I don't believe in his tactics nor believe it was scriptural to want to integrate with oppressors, but rather to integrate with ourselves and with God first. Anyway, you follow whoever. I still say at least he did what most won't do which is die for the cause of His Lord.
Scott, how do you know I have no idea?, just because a person doesn't gloat about what all they do here on this forum does not mean that they don't participate in the type of ministry you speak of.

and why we are on the topic! I have an ought with you brother, and the others here can be my witnesses, you have this self inflicted idea that no one "US could care less" cares about global mission work but YOU.

son, let me tell you something, your forefathers, contemporaries, here in America, US, could turn you every which way but loose. YOU have not arrived yet! YOU don't know what I care about, and I suggest you look in the mirror and deal with YOU, and stop berating everybody else because of the zeal YOU got going on in YOU.

Do what God called YOU to do! and stop crying about it to everybody else.

Love you
Not gloating you were the one who brought it up, not I. We were speaking of false witnessing and you didn't like what I wrote about how you pioneerred what you believed to be a false witness even if the witness is the truth. And again I don't care what negroes think of me on this thing, they don't grease my palms. I'll say what I need to say like you do. It is obvious you are not in the knowledge of missions based on your answers is why. your complete selfishness as well as others who just want to make a name for themselves for vanity reasons. I'm straight and on track to do exactly what I'm called to do, and what's your point. Lets stay on point. (negroes and negresses always trying to get off point because they can't stand when a man challenges them).

Step to me and you will get stepped on...........
Im really shaking in my boots
Not asking you to shake, but as one great prophet once said, "Don't start none, won't be none"... You started it as i was just responding to your illiterate postings. Deal with the subject at hand and not just agree to those who kiss your butt, cause unlike most, I ain't trying to get no stank drawls up in here..... Trust.
rOfL, Lord I will not go ole school on this pup, rOfl

dusting the sand off my shoes

I will NOT go ole school on this pup, hold me, hold me, SROFL
Your old enough to go old school now...LOL

"false witnessing is what the commandment states, that is why "hear say" is not permitted in courts of law."

With all due respect Ms Fugett, the Commandments themselves are "hearsay", and yet you believe.

I believe by faith that they are accurate accounts of history. That is NOT "hearsay"


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