Should there be a probationary period (process of time) before the church allows people into leadership positions (choir, orchestra, ministry)?

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I feel this may be an issue if those individuals want to serve.  I personally believe when a person gives their lives to Christ, there should be a discipleship class to teach them what's next, to know who they are in Christ and the love God has for them.  Once that foundation is laid, then they can serve.  But most churches allow them to get plugged in so they feel a sense of belonging.

     There are some church activities that seem to be more popular than others and you will never find a lack of willing participants.  Some of these activities include preaching, teaching, praise team, praise dancers, choir, etc.  You will note that the majority of these positions also come with a certain amount of prestige and mass appeal. 

     Should the church sit people down who are in spotlight positions (probation) and do not live according to santification without any consecration?



I believe there should be a probationary period before anyone is allowed to get into a leadership position.  They need to prove themselves as faithful members, supporters of the vision of the lead pastor and a life style that is worthy of leadership.  Leadership is not something to be taken lightly but a gift that needs to be guarded.  If you allow the wrong person into leadership it can destroy a ministry in no time and I believe everyone has seen examples of that. 

there certainly is a probation period with GOD;if JESUS's disciples are anything to go by,

 jacob before [name change] Israel,moses  40year mountain&sheep        Abrahm before Abraham      ......just saying

      There is a proclivity for the people of God to go through the "process of time" from the anointing to the appointing.  We see this biblical pattern established in Moses, Joseph, David, Elisha, etc.  Is it alright to suggest that God will try and test before he puts it to use?     

That's true also.

Totally agree, unless you already know this person coming to your church and their track record in ministry and their life.

What if they are bringing baggage?  I know some people who will attach themselves to a person and use their association (to gain access) as a point of entry.  Just because I have ministered with you in the past doesn't mean that your spouse is automatically going to be a minister at my church.  Remember that the devil is always looking for a point of entry.  Just because you know a person does not mean that you know their girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, Pastor/1st Lady.  Watch who you let in your house.  This is an old trick of the enemy.  I know people who change associates like they change underwear.  Don't bring them to my house.  I like to say you can bring anybody you want to my other house (church).

Matthew 7:15, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."


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