What is the meaning of and/or the birth of "Full Gospel"? It is and has been my belief that what is contained between the covers of The Holy Writ is The Full Gospel?

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I am fully aware of the foundational principles of the Full Gospel Denomination, but my question refers to that Gospel that has been preached from the beginning of time being anything other than the full Gospel? The New Testament Church was established upon the truth of the Full Gospel, which is Jesus Christ. Therefore, I am led to believe that the term "Full Gospel" was coined to form anther denomination which you have verified by your statement.
I asked that question in high school and the answer I got was similar to what is posted in wikipedia. Full Gospel has been around much longer than the FGBCF. It goes to the turn of the century Pentecostal movement that denounced mainline fundamentalist churches as shallow, unspiritual, theologically liberal (in some cases) and overwhelmingly spiritually oppressive. As a result, small independent Pentecostal churches began preaching what they believed (and insisted) was being left out of those fundamentally sound biblical churchces. When asked what they preached, they simply replied "The full gospel." This version of pentecostalism was built on the Arminian ideas of complete sanctification, second and seperate baptism experience to perfect sanctification, speaking in tongues as a full sign of conversion (Acts 2:38), the abilities to demonstrate various spiritual gifts (charismata) as versed in I Cor 12 and 14 and the restoration of end-time apostolic authority and giftings. The mainline churches ultimately dismissed their practices as futile and senseless and therefore cast them aside. However as the decades of the 50s-70s occured, there was a growing sense of renewed spiritual enthusiasm that swept every major protestant and even catholic churches. This movement embraced the liberation of the pentecostal experience and both lay and clergy began to teach and practice the renewed "Full Gospel."

I was at Bishop Morton's church when the board agreed to add Full Gospel to the name of the church. I had no idea that other churches weren't doing what we were doing. It wasnt unusual at youth camp and state convention to see people shouting and speaking in tongues and being "slain in the spirit." Although I have since somewhat moved away from that, I can see why so many people choose to embrace a full gospel ministry. It is attractive, expressive, and liberating to many people who feel that they did not receive everything they needed in a traditional church.
I can live with that. It is so tragic that we have not realized that we get out of chuch what we have invested into God prior to coming to the place of praise and worship. We short change God then blame it on the particular church where we have chosen to place our membership for all that we do not attain. It is not through man that we get that which God freely gives through His Beloved Son and The Holy Spirit. Th Second Baptism and Santification comes through the grace our God and our total committment to His Word.
Amen my brother!
I agree totally. God is too good for anyone to put Him in a box. He still pours out His Spirit out on whomever He so chooses. Denominations "ain't" gonna get us into The Kingdom of God, nor do they make us better than the other. We need to stop all this separatism and come together as Children of God for the purpose of building His Kingdom on Earth so that we might enter into eternal rest.
I put it this way, "I am Holiness because it is written, "be thou holy for I am Holy"; I am Methodist because God's plan has a method; I am Baptist because I believe in total immersion; I am Penacostal because the Pentacost is real and yet happens for true believers; I am Sanctified because through sanctification I am cleansed. Therefore, I can't be categorized as nothing but a Child of the One One True God, a brother of My Lord and Savior, a Believer, a Christian!

Hello Chas, how are you?  Hope you are alright and that they did not beat you up.

There seens to be a lack of the History of the Church missing here!

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