I was invited to join this social networking site a few months ago. I received a comment on one of my posts recently that motivated me to post this in the forum and maybe it can turn into a short discussion, on the issue of discussions. I've been studying the Word of God since 1995, and in the last two years my studies have been more intense. Probably because I'm closer to pastoring a flock than I've ever been before. I enjoy discussions for this reason...........

A sword or knife made of iron is sharpened by it; so butchers sharpen their knives so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend; by conversation with him; thus learned men sharpen one another's minds, and excite each other to learned studies. "Iron Sharpens Iron"

I learn alot through discussions, like...... doctrine, history, people, etc....... Discussions are another form of study and research for me in my preperation. I don't create discussions or comment on other's to display how theologically sound I am or to debate with the objective to prove another is wrong on a topic. I share my beliefs, practices, studies, interpretations, experience, etc....... I share in reading other's contributions on the site, sometimes I comment, dialog, and then I keep it moving. I keep it civil, and positive. So this was just a PSA to those who want to get pious in one of my posts. I understand the priority is that the gospel be preached to the lost and the church be edified through the Word and our gifts. I just like to sharpen my sword sometimes....... Peace! 

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Brother Edwards;

I agree!  These discussions are part of how God gets His word out to the masses.  A lot of people don't go to a building for church services and worship.  God can use any medium He wishes to spread the good news of the gospel.  Yes!  there are some things which God will also use to strength us outside of what we know or how we think we feel.  No one man knows everything about God.  If this was so, we would be as He is... Perfect.  Which we're not.

So with these forums, we can agree, respectfully disagree or be open to receive and learn the things of God.

Thank you for your post.


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