Hello Brothers and sisters in Christ. As it seems to me, more and more of those who represent God
are giving way to the seductions of the enemy. There are in a number of black churches many gay
members and gay pastors. Many within the congregation know it and still support it. My question
for all today is what is your feeling on gay pastors and preachers, should those congregants who
know still support them? Would you take a scriptual approach or a judge not that you not be
judged approach?

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In the book of Leviticus ch.18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination."
i see the big reply to this===how can one reply to such a great pouring out of one's soul---=i have said to many there are wounds ==physical in nature that can heal with time---but the inner wounds ==the scars from abuse==misuse of a person===too young==weak--to defend themselves or too afraid to do so==are the hardest and longest to heal----if one has not been actually experienced betrayal by a person who "should know better" a person who you trusted---were left in their care===they cannot REPLY TO THIS===I feel you and have been down that road. Thank God for grace===my sister did not find the peace--she needed---baptized==saved====immersed==but still took her own life by running and jumping head-first out a window==sexually abused by father step=father==boyfriend ofmother==then placed in mental hospital for telling ==to be attacked night ly===until the church stop telling troubled discipled to pray about it===YES PRAYER WORKS==BUT GOD WANTS US TO BE UNITED AND FIGHT IT====ADDRESS===IT ===UNLESS WE ALSO FIGHT IN THE NATURAL===WE WILL STILL BE IN THE DARK===JESUS USED AWHIP===A WORD A REBUKE===EACH SITUATION===DEMANDED===A DIFFERENT RESPONSE--PRAYER WORKS BUT JESUS STILL USED FISH AND BREAD TO FEED THHE HUNGRY====JESUS SAID DONT' TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU THE FIRST TIME HE SENT THE DISCIPLES OUT===THEN HE ADVISED THEM TO TAKE A STICK======
I always wondered about the process of becoming ordained===wasn't there a group of pastors that ordained these pastor/ministers.----wasn't there supose to be some type of intervention on a pastoral level====who ordained them and why now must the judging be done by congregants====there is a code of silence in any organization---boys in blue===pastors in black====sin is sin==i asked my pastor if he slept wih a woman ===not his wife would his anoitning be taken away====the answer was no once anointed always anointed=====many within the congregation support pastors that have fallen but gotten up from other sins====there are no qualifying and disqualifying codes for sin==sin is sin===speaking of the church in Corinth===the Holy Spirit was still working in those believers===there is something call the security of the believer===who is to say that and adulterer has a pass an a gay pastor does not ====judge not ===i don't know===we do not know all God's thought but we do know those he revealed to use===why stone==kill spirituallky a gay pastor and give an adulterer an easy past===no one is asking should an adulterer's church support him. until the black wall of silence comes down====and all sins of leadership be exposed====i think we should watch and pray ==for these ministries===i just want to ask WHAT ABOUT===THE PEOPLE NOT IN LEADERSHIP====THE FALL-OUT ===WHEN THE LEADERS FALL DOWN==BUT GET UP TO WRITE A BOOK===SHOLULD WE SUPPORT THEM STILL===HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM WHAT WHO JESUS DO.
It is wrong to be a gay any thing.
true---and it is wrong to be alot of things not of God ===still ===support or not=====who did the supervised ministry ===who ordained =when pastors meet and pray together and talk ===who steps up before the ordained are given a church===you don't just walk in a church and pastor it====leadership===disciples===there are many steps before you can pastor====it is wrong to be gay anything===yeah===tell those that lay hands and have the big ordaination ceremony----who moniters-----the entry level====black wall of silence===indigntion as an after thought==hmmmmmmmmm
The word of God reminds us that we love the sinner and not the sin. The "church" has a tendency to pick and choose what is "acceptable" in the sight of others. What we need to do is think about what's "acceptable in the sight of God. The word asks us in Romans 6 "Should we continue in sin because Gods grace abounds? God forbid. It also tells us if our brothers / sisters are overtaken in a fault, we who are spiritual should restore them (not crucify) them in Christian love. The church has come a long way, and has at the same time taken a great step back! Until we face, deal with, confront, "all things" the church will not be the church that God is coming back for. Until we learn to love our brothers and sisters the way that God requires we do "Agape"........we've got a lot to learn.. Bottom line, Sin is Sin.. I have never seen a Sin meter, however, as I said earlier, the church continues to pick and choose what is the "acceptable" sin. All have fallen short of Gods glory, but God is faithful and if we repent.......... He can and will forgive............ First, we must stop thinking that homosexuality is the ONLY sin that God frowns upon. He frowns upon adultery, lying, stealing, cheating, swearing, glutony, envy, hatred, pride, and the list goes on and on. We as a church should learn how to "develop" in the fruit of the spirit, which is love, joy, longsuffering, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, and self control.(Gal 5:22) More than anything, we need to learn "Love" and "Self Control" and everything else will fall into place.
"By this all will know you are My disciples, if you have love one for another.....John 13:35
Amen! This is so well stated, True Christian don't act like the scribes and pharisees, Jesus said For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteouseness of the scribes and the pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthews 5:20 KJV
Everyone need's to take a good look at their life's and make sure that they are living the way inwhich Jesus said to live.
We all have to Love the way that Jesus have command us to do, sin is sin nomatter who commit's it, Jesus said that if you have it in your life , you will not enter his kingdom and that go's for all sinners, denominations and non-denomination. READ Psalms 15th chapter KJV
Remember that everyone that say's Lord Lord with not enter the kingdom of God.
Not everyone is going to be save or obey God, but everyone will be given this chance to do so.
True Christian Follow Jesus Christ and do and say the things inwhich he has commanded them to and that is to Love and be Holy .
It is time for everyone to get right and stay right with the Lord before it's to late. LIVE FOR JESUS!!!!!!!

With the Love of God!
Amen==I remember almost word for word standing in church saying these same words===but i was not received===you speak of the church ====we as the church===deveoping in the fruits====there is so much more than just these====you know it====what we know ===what we hear====what we believe====Homosexuality and lying and pride===those are the major issues addressed ==in church if you want to discredit someone just breathe the word homosexuality======loyalty to the leaders ===tithing===you may have never ssen a sin meter===but the concept is real in church what the leaders condemn is what the church members condemn===so many churches are leader driven===Not God-driven===it is so scary==that its been going on so long that some cannot recognize the difference=====their of God becomes the man of God==instead of "going out" most churches are building in--and up===going into the highways and the byways===crack house====alley ways===etc.There is a "Masada" like atmosphere===bigger churches====better designs---more tecnology===lunchrooms==dining halls==bookstores libaries===cafes====building in around===I heard a Leader say at a function--and got applauds for saying this== "If you not for Jesus i do not want you around me---but in-house this leader said if you are not for the leader//pastor get out----see the church cannot grow if the focus is not on God------members/disciples regergetate what they are fed-----Agape love====how can you Agape love those that you suspect===if we are taught that "there are some here that do not love the Lord" or be careful who you sit with" or "do not talk to those who talk about the leader" the church a leader driven now=====this is nothing new in church history===Pauls had to address tis situation====personality-driven churches------the leadership---becomes infallible-in a time when people are hungry for the word====WHOSE WORDS ARE BEING GIVEN OUT====you say church===when the church ===who is feeding the "church" personality driven churches imitate===copy---uphold---condone====comply===with everything that the spiritual leaders believe----if you try to speak up you are discredited---until we as the church learn what God's Will is and what God word says the"church will not "DEVELOP IN THE FRUIT OF ANYTHING"
-===sin is sin===I said before and agree with you now the church does pick and choose which sins=are acceptable------incest---abortion===spousal abuse====we all fa
ll short===
Get them saved first, then let them serve if they are proven, But first while you gottem in the church, GET THEM SAVED!
i would asked that the pastor be sit down , it is not of God this comes out of the pit of the enemy houses. the word say to be Holy for i'm Holy cut and dry.


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