Many people are suffering from from "Gender Identity". Some of them want to know what is wrong with them. Some of them are led to homosexuality. Some of them become bi-sexual or preverts. Leaders, we must learn how to deal with these issues. Im Romans, chapter 1, when a person refuses to retain God in his or her knowledge or acceptance, then they will receive a "reprobate mind". This mindset means he or she can not be saved.

Well, God has given me revelation and illumination about this subject. Man was orginally born to be both "A" and "B" sexual. Man was both male and female in the beginning (see Genesis, chapter 2). Sometimes, a man or woman will have residue from the orginal creation. For this reason, a man can have femine traits and likewise a woman can have manly traits. God has blessed those people to be a kind of Adam in our day.

However, it is a disgrace and dishonor to God and mankind for a man to have sexual intercourse with another man or a woman to have sex with another woman. Furthermore, woman should not wear men's clothing or men wear women's clothing. The truth shall set you free. I am here to help you.

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Revelation will give victory. Leaders lead God's people across the finish line. Homosexuality is a very bad sin. A-men
Amen my brother speak the truth.
I can help those who are seeking the truth and answers. Your life must line up with the Word of God before His Great Judgement comes. The Holy Bible commands us to lay aside evry weights and sins which beset us (Hebrews 12:1-2). Homosexuality is an option and a disease.
Homosexuality is not a disease.  Homosexuality is no different than heterosexuality they both are sexual orientations and have nothing to do with gender identity.  Gender identity is how one views themselve and this is an internal thing.  I really wish that people would educate themselves on issues like these.  You put so many at jeopardy.

Homosexuality is a sin. A deadly sin! Read Roman chapter 1! You are educated toward this matter. I want to bring people out of darkness. What are your motives? There is a difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality-"Reprobate Mind". Do you need some counseling on this subject.


                                                      Apostle, Riley

Can we add fornication to this discussion...just so folks know that it ain't cool to lay up and be saved too. I just worry that we damn to hell one segment but give a pass to the back biters, whoremongers and fornicators. Let's tear down all in the kingdom with aughts and faults so that we don't exempt or co-sign on the bad behavior of those we tend to give a pass too. YOU CAN BE STRAIGHT AND GO TO HELL TOO !!! Fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven either. So all these Saved, Sanctified, Holy Ghost filled Fornicators, Just remember you'll be sitting in the same placve as the others with struggles in the flesh. I like to keep the playing field level because we preachers tend to give the OTHERS a pass on their stuff. All thee folks eating themselves into sin, making themselves up is vanity and God ain't impressed with that and Prosperity is a mess too...Your fancy cars and big ole houses don't get you points with God either. I think they call it filthy lucre...We got Bishops who are on their third marriages and houses in chaos but you never hear them say...I'm HUMAN and I got issues too. So quick to take on a title but not be accountable for the actions that come with it. Some of the meanest  and nastiest people I know got titles and I find them to be less than compassionate and feel like they are the mouthpiece of God. Slam the molesters that created some of these people you sending to hell. Knock the parents who don't tell their children about good and bad touch and shame those that think it's cute to cut down people on one hand but look past the mess ogf others. If you got people shacking up in ya church...smack them too !!!


It's time out for beating up on one person when the REAL mess is up in the church!!!


I'm so glad God is destroying these earthly kingdoms and bringing down these high plaes that these people have set up for people to worship them instead of God.


Alot of churches are going to be closing up- either willingly or by death!!!


God is NOT playing anymore.


These people are making a shame out of His name.

Your sins have found you out. Homosexuality is a sin. Seek God before it is too late

Apostles must bring order to God's churches. Apostles should correct erroneous teachings. A-men

Apostle Roosevelt I am well versed on this issue from a spiritual level as well as a schoraly secular level.  I have read Romans 1 in its complete context and it has nothing to do with homosexuality as you are describing.  It is you that needs counseling and education on this matter and I am available as a Minister and a professional Social Worker who has worked closely with the issue of homosexuality and the black church.

Why are we going in like this...This should be an empowerment conversation that shouldn't be limited to just this forum. I agree the church is in it's effort to root out sin and infuse holiness feels comfortable destroying the spirits and sous of people who struggle with this particular stronghold but truthfully it's just the fact that this group catches the heat while others get a pass. It's easy to beat them up because they wont stand up and say it's a struggle and they wont where it's the case expose the victimizers which in some cases are the very people standing up against them.


Here is what I know...That spirit was exposed early in the bible and it was done so for a reason. God let it go in because he knew it was an issue and while today we know the science behind the possible reason that spirit arises we choose to condemn. There are some things that were done in biblical times that we no longer do today but this spirit has not rested. It's a strong one too. I have gone to God and asked him to rid the world of it because no other issue has so divided the church like this one. I have seen people literally destroyed sitting in the church becuase a preacher spoke it and a congregation co-signed on it that it was OK to tear folks down. These Brothers and Sisters are good though...they gird themselves up for the quarterly assult and yet they don't leave the church, the continue to serve God and that tells me that NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST THEM EVEN WHEN IT IS THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD WILL PROSPER. The hate has gotten so bad that folks are starting special churches and that tells me that GOD HOUSE is divided against itself. I hear missions to these special churches stating LOVE and ACCEPTANCE...excuse me...ISN'T THAT OUR MISSION TOO...Let's love people back to life !!!  

You are qualified to counsel me or no one else. You need to study Hebrews, chapter 5. Are you an homosexual? Sin is sin. Stop pacifying it! I will pray for your deliverance.


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