Many people are suffering from from "Gender Identity". Some of them want to know what is wrong with them. Some of them are led to homosexuality. Some of them become bi-sexual or preverts. Leaders, we must learn how to deal with these issues. Im Romans, chapter 1, when a person refuses to retain God in his or her knowledge or acceptance, then they will receive a "reprobate mind". This mindset means he or she can not be saved.

Well, God has given me revelation and illumination about this subject. Man was orginally born to be both "A" and "B" sexual. Man was both male and female in the beginning (see Genesis, chapter 2). Sometimes, a man or woman will have residue from the orginal creation. For this reason, a man can have femine traits and likewise a woman can have manly traits. God has blessed those people to be a kind of Adam in our day.

However, it is a disgrace and dishonor to God and mankind for a man to have sexual intercourse with another man or a woman to have sex with another woman. Furthermore, woman should not wear men's clothing or men wear women's clothing. The truth shall set you free. I am here to help you.

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You Are not Qualified.........
You are not qualified to counsel me. You are confused, deceived and do not know the basics. Repent! repent! Repent!

You can rant and rave but nothing you said in this discussion matches scripture or science.  Straight up dangerous.  You are actually teaching folks about Adam residue?  That mess is not found in the scripture.


This is the very reason why we are not to follow false prophets and apostles. They teach a false gospel. This teaching that Adam was both sexes (male/female) comes right out of the pit of hell. The Homosexual agenda not teaches that there were two Adams and that the second one has both a husband and a wife; let alone that he was both male/female is the very reason we need men trained in the Scriptures to speak God’s Word in to the hearts of people.

You have said that "The Preacher Teacher" is not qualified to counsel you; I ask that you let me try right now! God is not giving you a revelation that goes against His Word…..Genesis 1&2 have a purpose and it is not teaching two creation stories but one. I ask that you reread Genesis to find the truth I live in Houston as well and will meet with you to discuss this in person if you like.

Lol lawd you chrch folk  mess.


So, instead of fighting and praying against the mess going on in the pulpit you choose to continue to beat this dead horse???



It is not a dead horse. Many cleryman are either homosexual or bi-sexual. It is a big issue with the Almighty God. We must resolve this issue as soon as possible. God has bless me with revelation on Gender Identity. I can help those who need direction and understanding concerning his or her improper sexual orientation.


                                                           Apostle, Riley

Apostle Roosevelt, homosexuality is nothing new and so how you planning to resolve this issue?  I read your your words on gender identity and totally makes no sense.  You will not find your definition in the field of psychology.

You can't help nobody with anything sir.

You don' even know WHO you are let alone WHAT.

How about you help yourself to some medication, counseling and good leadership who can teach you something.

Can you please explain it so that I can be convinced'Genesis 2'

Explain what? If you want understanding then e-mail or call me.



                                                          Apostle, Riley

I pray God move upon the heart of the people to not yield to tempatation and fall prey to the enemy that would seek to devour them. Let's love people where they are and lift them up in prayer and let God work his perfect and perfected will.
We should love the person, but hate the sin. Homosexuality is a sin. An abomination! A-men


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