The enemy is pulling out the big guns; don't be found at the gun fight w/a knife! There's a time & season & purpose for everything under the sun. 
The devils IS NOT giving you a break, so WHY are you giving him one? How you might ask? 
Well, when's the last time you truly fasted & prayed? Went to the house of The Lord to worship & be fed? Spoke to your own situation w/the power & authority that Go

d has given you? 
Position for the season of Waging WAR! Don't take what the enemy is throwing at you as if you have no power!!! SPEAK THE WORD CONSTANTLY Pray, Pray, Pray! The enemy is as a roaring Lion, seeking whom he may devour! These ARE THE times!!! The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence BUT the violent TAKE IT BY FORCE!!!!! Get up And fight!!!

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This is a very powerful discussion that you have posted, Apostle LaWanda Peters!  It is very encouraging for me to see that a few of us - who hold to our convictions very powerfully - are on the same page!  This needs to be posted on every church bulletin, in every church foyer - from the top to the bottom floor - until every believer sitting on the sidelines gets the message!I had wrote something quite similar in a blog several years ago:

"The Bible makes it very clear that you and I are in a battle.  As we read these verses of Scripture, we find ourselves in the atmosphere of war.  There is a gunfire on every hand.  Bombs are falling.  There is lightning in the air.  The Bible makes it very clear that all believers are in a war!

First Timothy 1:18 KJV says, “War a good warfare.”  First Timothy 6:12 says, “Fight the good fight of faith.”  Second Timothy 2:3, “Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

You are in a battle.  Have you been having a lot of battles in your life lately?  Congratulations!  Charles Spurgeon once said, “Satan never kicks a dead horse.”  That means you are alive.  It means you are active.  Every believer is in a battle.  We are in a fight!  Don’t be fooled by all of these commercials on T.V. from other Christian ministries depicting the Christian life as frolicking through the flowers, health and prosperity and individuals standing around with wide smiles on their faces.  You have either just come out of a battle or you are now in a battle or you are headed into a battle – because the Christian life is depicted as a battle.

One of these days we are going to lay our weapons down and we’ll be in glory and the battles will be over and we will study war no more.  But until that time, you can count on it, as a born again child of God, you are in a battle!"

Thank you for this, and may the Lord continue to bless you with these anointed messages to help encourage and strengthen the Body Of Christ!  Shalom!

Rev. Arlee Turner Jr.

Wow! Amazing!!!! One God One Holy Spirit!!! My God! Awesome!!!


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