God, Thank You for this day and all that it encompassed. We give You glory!

We reverence You tonight God! We bless Your holy name! Father You are so wonderful to us. Thank you for never leaving nor forsaking us. When others have walked away You have remained! Your love is everlasting, Your promises are sure, Your grace is steadfast and Your mercies fail not! God we say, "Thank You"! Lord, I pray for every soul that is on this page God that You will show Yourself strong and mighty in their lives! Lord I pray by Your Spirit you will change our hearts O God! create in us a clean heart and renew a right and steadfast spirit within us our Lord, our God, and Redeemer! Father awaken our spirits to your truth and cause us to walk in Your everlasting ways! Move us by your Spirit God! God we pray for souls to be saved! Names to be added unto the Lambs Book of Life! A true Conversion God! We pray for deliverance from every form of bondage in Jesus name! We pray for healing to take place in the minds and bodies of Your people! Father whatever bad report has been given, we stand on Your word, WHOSE report shall we believe, we shall BELIEVE the report of the Lord! WE BELIEVE YOU GOD! WE BELIEVE YOUR WORD! WE BELIEVE YOU ARE JEHOVAH-ROPHE', OUR HEALER! GOD HEAL TONIGHT! MANY ARE LAYING IN THEIR INFIRMITIES SURRENDERING AND GIVING UP AND IN TO THE PAIN TONIGHT BUT FATHER WE RELEASE YOUR HEALING POWER TONIGHT ACROSS THIS NATION! HEAL US O GOD! FOUL SPIRIT OF CANCER THE LORD REBUKE YOU! EVERY TUMOR SHRINK AND DISSOLVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS! WE CURSE THE VERY ROOT OF CANCER! WE SAY EVERY SIGN AND SYMPTOM ASSOCIATED WITH CANCER WITH PEOPLE ON THIS PAGE HAS TO FLEE FROM THEIR BODIES! YOU SAID IN YOUR WORD, EVERYTHING MUST COME UNDER THE SUBJECTION OF WHO YOU ARE! LORD LET YOUR HEALING POWER FLOW NOW O GOD! WE BIND THE SPIRIT OF BREAST CANCER, COLON CANCER, PANCREATIC TUMORS, ALL FORMS OF CANCER TONIGHT GOD! GOD WE STAND IN THE GAP, WE MAKE UP A HEDGE AND WE DECLARE WHOLENESS IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! HEAL CANCER TONIGHT O GOD! LORD I BELIEVE YOU FOR A TURN AROUND! A MIRACLE! A MIRACLE TONIGHT GOD! FATHER WE RELEASE WHOLENESS IN THESE BODIES TONIGHT! WE RELEASE PEACE IN THE MINDS OF THOSE WHO GOT A NEGATIVE DOCTORS REPORT!!! WE BELIEVE YOU GOD! WE KNOW YOU ARE ABLE! YOU SAID, THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE FOR THOSE THAT BELIEVE! SO GOD WE STAND ON YOUR WORD ROOTED IN FAITH..THAT THIS PRAYER SHALL BE FULFILLED! BE IT UNTO THEM ACCORDING TO THEIR FAITH! I THANK YOU FOR THE REPORTS, THE TESTIMONIES, THE PRAISE, THE GLORY WHICH SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU FOR YOUR MARVELOUS WORKS YOU HAVE DONE! IT IS IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON , WE PRAY,AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! IT IS SO! YES!!!!

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