At the church that I currently pastor in the Birmingham area we have been having the normal 10:45am worship time. It dose work for us (as far as having a descent crowd). However, I have been giving a great deal of thought to the idea of changing the period of Worship to 9am or even 8am. I tried it on this past Christmas and New Year's Day. Christmas Day was packed (standing room only), but New Year's was a ghost town....I'd like to hear your ideas on the subject. 

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We've had NYE Service from 9:00pm to mid-night and we had a full house.  How awesome is that.  On New Years Day, our service was at 10:30am and we also had a decent crowd. 

I've often heard my Pastor say, when the crowd get to 80% capacity, it's time to open up a second service.

God bless your ministry.

God bless Pastor to you today,i have been seeing this as well i believe it's the Sunday not the time,we have those who will be there on a certain Sunday only,we must contiue to be Prayerful and see what God does with his people we Pastored............


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