Date: Friday, September 25, 2009, 4:57 am

From his tattooed and pierced appearance, a short-lived marriage, the death of his father, and early retirement from the gospel industry to being dropped from Verity Records, the life and career of gospel artist Tonex (To-nay) has been marred by pain and controversy.

Throughout all the pressure, the young pastor of Truth Apostolic Community Church in San Diego has taken pride in being transparent.

In 2007, after a foul-mouthed online interview and angry YouTube posts, he issued an open letter apologizing to fans and fellow clergy for his outlandish rants.

Now, during an astonishing testimony in an exclusive interview on Word Network's "The Lexi Show," Tonex (real name Anthony Williams) lays to rest years of speculation about his sexuality and admitted he is attracted to men.

When Lexi attempts to clarify if he is a practicing homosexual, the radical artist declares he is a “free spirit.”

Among many candid details, in the following clips, Tonex acknowledges he had a nervous breakdown, says he does not blame his interest in men on being molested, that he believes in “same sex covenants” and that he wants to be a dad someday.

You can see the full interview by visiting You Tube and search for Lexi Show Tonex

What are your thoughts about sexual behavior? How should the church address issues related to sexual conduct?

During the month of October, Wisdom For Joyous Living will explore, Homosexuality Conflict Within My Soul with Christian Psychologist Dr. Tracy Scott and Christian Psychiatrist and Ordained Minister Dr. Verle Bell.

Wisdom For Joyous Living is heard weekly on WPJC.FM

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Yeah I saw it on the video and what a hot mess that was...You decide!

Like I said, a hot mess.......
The Body of Christ needs to pull out the whips and start handling business. We are way past due when it comes to going through the house and cracking the whip and turning over the tables of the money changers. That is why foolishness like what was displayed in the video on which we are commenting goes unchecked and unaddressed and therefore runs rampant and wild. The day is surely coming and soon, when God will not continue to wink at this wickedness anylonger. That day is fast approaching.
Its the worst to me!
Personally, in regards to Lesbianism I have always been disgusted because its nasty and unnatural, and insulted because they would rather deal with another female than deal with me!!
Trevor, me as well. I could never understand lesbianism at all.....It always disgusted me as well. Even in my most depraved state B.C. that never did nuffin' for me, watching two women getting it on. Really I never even liked porn as far back as a teenager. I was always one who was very social, instead of watching tapes of it. I wanted and thrived on in person inter-action, instead of being some pervert, home and sitting in the dark watching others.. But I know many men who are addicted to porn as well as leaders in ministry. And it is destroying many marriages and families. Even within this missionary organization there are many who are addicted to porn and they are found out once they check our lap tops they give us. But unlike Tonex, they are broken over it and convicted in powerful ways and seek restoration and deliverance for it, while the company does something the black 'cherch' is unwilling to do, which is to remove them from the field immediately so that they won't negatively affect those people whom we are serving.
You are right. when I was running around as a gang-member, I was looked at weird when questioned on this area. Lets be real, raw, and mature: I wondered HOW can a man get pleasure from seeing sex between women instead of experiencing sex themselves! I always have and always will!
You're absolutely right about that.

On another note, I never will understand the malicious attack on women in leadership position within ministry. I have seen this stereotype of them being called lesbians as well. True, I have seen some, but to attack all woman in such a position in such a manner and place her in the category of being a lesbian is horrible!
I'm consistent in this walk with the Lord. I'm not speaking about someone who is truly repentant of their sins and seek deliverance of what is their struggle, whether its ongoing or battling their unnatural urges. I am constantly battling my own flesh. Sure my flesh would love to go to a neighboring strip club and have two fione women sitting on each of my upper thighs as I sip on some courvasiuer and preferably have a big fat blunt in one hand and a newport on the other. Tonex, is doing just that, he's not repentant, he said he's not even struggling with his homosexual lifestyle any longer, which means there is no compulsion to seek to be delivered of the obvious sin like all other sins. Does the word, REPENT...REPENT for the Kingdom of God is at hand sound familiar??

Of course I'm just as passionate of getting all sins excavated out of my life, I want to be Holy and acceptable in the eyes of a Holy and Just God. This Tonex isn't just a pew sitter, but a pastor who really should step down until he seeks His face, turn from his wicked ways and humble himself under the mighty hand of God..Only then will He heal the land. I'm not a missionary only going to see homosexuals..LOL I'm a missionary, one who is an ambassador to preach the truth of the Gospela and the Good News of Christ..If Jesus is the Good News, what is then the Bad News? The bad news is, living a lifestyle that is inconsistent of Christ, you..PERISH! Doesn't all sin, separate us from God??? Not just being gay, but lying, stealing, gossipping, lust, etc......Why is it when one speaks up and out about the lifestyle of a homosexual, other sins are brought into the conversation? I speak out about abortion as well....fornication, adultery, pastors being divorced and still pastoring, murder, rape, drunkenness, etc....Yes I'm quite aware that the black "cherch" is in a state of turmoil due to the constant compromising and sugar coating of God's standard which causes more and more perversion and debauchery to take root and hold to the point the 'cherch' has lost its luster, flava' and power to seek to transform anyone by the washing and cleansing of His Word..

Somebody gotta say it......If we love them, love them to the truth....
I agree that this is a sensitive issue, but God has not changed. As a Christian psychologist, I have counseled many men and women who wanted out of the lifestyle. Likewise, I have worked with many pastors who had/have sexual conduct problems in many areas. God is not pleased with any of His children acting out sexually. One man one wife, one wife, one husband. There are no options!!!!

However, single heterosexual men and women can pray that one day that God may send them a mate, but for the homosexual individual, they must live their life as a enunch, devoted to serving God, never acting on their feelings. The church needs to find balance in how it treates God's people. Tonex is mis-guided in his theology. There is room at the cross for all.

I would like to reach out to the brother and help him. God has given him tremendous talants, but he is hurting and he needs to heal. Through some good Christian counseling, the Holy Spirit can help and restore him. Lets pray for him.
Part of the reason why you never seen JESUS come at people like that for sexual sin is because all the people accused had a repentant heart. Had they not, THEN you would have seen what Christ would have said and done towards them.
Thanks for your response and for the scripture reference. I am re-minded about my Bible College training and years of Christian counseling; it was always important to me to find balance between the behavior demonstrated in society and my understanding of God’s Word. In other words, am I persuaded to change how I think about the principles of the Bible, based on how many people are engaged in a given behavior?

The concern about sexual mis-conduct has more to do with the behavior and less with the thinking. Men who are attracted to men can in no way act on that behavior any more than a man having pre-marital sex. Sexual mis-conduct is never tolerated by the Lord. Homosexual individuals, have only one option... to work for the Lord without engaging in sexual behavior. They must be a eunuch for the Lord. What’s so bad about that?

God can still use them, we should not kick them out of church, but as with other sins that brings on detrimental consequences, they should not be in leadership while acting out.

The vast majority of gay individuals have a history of either being abuse, anger at same sex parent, or growing up in a home where no one helped them identify their gender socially, spiritually and emotionally.

We can debate whether they were born this way (I don’t believe so) or that God gave them these feelings, and to that degree, the sin may not be the attraction to same sex, but it is clear in terms of the out come, the behavior is sin. One man, one woman. Homosexual behavior is never accepted in the Bible. You can not find any reference in which a man married a man in the Bible, or women marrying women and God was pleased. But one man, one woman is clearly articulated.

While I am down with progressive theology, I discuss this and other issues with my progressive buddies all the time, however there is no Biblical support for this behavior.

Dr. Tracy Scott
The same God that condemned homosexuality in the old testament is the same God that condemns it now. Sin is sin and homosexuals do not deserve preferential treatment because of the sensitivity of the issue. Many times homosexuals victimize little children as was the case with Tonex and Donnie McClurkin, which is another reason why I brought up the subject of Pedophilia.

Why must we walk on eggshells when it comes to the sin of homosexuality but with every other sin we can cry aloud and spare not.


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