Date: Friday, September 25, 2009, 4:57 am

From his tattooed and pierced appearance, a short-lived marriage, the death of his father, and early retirement from the gospel industry to being dropped from Verity Records, the life and career of gospel artist Tonex (To-nay) has been marred by pain and controversy.

Throughout all the pressure, the young pastor of Truth Apostolic Community Church in San Diego has taken pride in being transparent.

In 2007, after a foul-mouthed online interview and angry YouTube posts, he issued an open letter apologizing to fans and fellow clergy for his outlandish rants.

Now, during an astonishing testimony in an exclusive interview on Word Network's "The Lexi Show," Tonex (real name Anthony Williams) lays to rest years of speculation about his sexuality and admitted he is attracted to men.

When Lexi attempts to clarify if he is a practicing homosexual, the radical artist declares he is a “free spirit.”

Among many candid details, in the following clips, Tonex acknowledges he had a nervous breakdown, says he does not blame his interest in men on being molested, that he believes in “same sex covenants” and that he wants to be a dad someday.

You can see the full interview by visiting You Tube and search for Lexi Show Tonex

What are your thoughts about sexual behavior? How should the church address issues related to sexual conduct?

During the month of October, Wisdom For Joyous Living will explore, Homosexuality Conflict Within My Soul with Christian Psychologist Dr. Tracy Scott and Christian Psychiatrist and Ordained Minister Dr. Verle Bell.

Wisdom For Joyous Living is heard weekly on WPJC.FM

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Where is all of the sympathy and compassion for pedophiles, rapist and murderers. Shouldn’t we embrace them as much as we do the homosexuals. If we are not to talk about their sin and it wages, what do you suggest we preach to them about? The only message we should be preaching to any sinner is Repentance, because without repentance there is no forgiveness so where is the balanced teaching on these issues.

Christianity is looked at in a bad light because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE RIGHT. PEOPLE HATE GOD JUST LIKE HE SAID THEY WOULD.

JESUS AND THE APOSTLES must have been homophobic because they have declared that without holiness no man shall see the Lord. Do you believe in HOLY HOMOSEXUALS? Does it hurt that bad to hear people speak against sin? No one here has condemned anyone only the word of God. IF YOU WANT TO BE UPSET, BE UPSET AT THE LORD FOR MAKING THESE RULES AGAINST SIN.
Yes, I agree with you, attacking is not the answer, we are minister those who are in need. You make a lot of good points!

People with problems or sin are in need of our help, not bitterness.
I am well aware that many men and women who experiences homosexual passions cannot not explain why they have these passions. They are not aware of their anger.

Some were victims of early traumatic sexual encounters by adults who exploited them in all sorts of ways. People who have a passion for the homosexual life style need acceptance and love from the Christian community; as they seek to redirect their sexual impulses.

However, we must be reminded that the divinely inspired Biblical writers would not have referred to homosexuality with such abhorrence if it were not an evil practice in the eyes of God. (1 Cor. 6:9-10; Romans 1:26, 27).

We should all remember that sexual acting out is never pleasing to God, whether the act is heterosexual (opposite sex) or homosexual (same sex), both passions must under control for there is accountability for lust. Lust is a serious sin (Job: 31)


Dr. Tracy Scott
Men with men as with women is not Idolatry it is Homosexuality... Idolatry is part of it i will say...
I'm sorry brother, i might have misunderstood ...You are correct....But understand that the paganism (Idolatry) that Israel engaged in and still do were to these idols that were of a SEXUAL NATURE...therefore in my opinion they go hand in hand....

Most if not all of the false gods were about sexuality.....So I do agree with you but it's important to know that this same Idolatry is going on with "church"...This is why these very things are allowed IN THE CHURCH...because that's where the Idolatry is...
Dr. Scott, I fully understand your position on sexual sin, particularily homosexuality. I have always thought Matthew 19:11-12 was addressing this very sensitive issue, beginning with verse 11. Some are actually called to serve God as single people with no future plans to marry. Doesn't it also seem probable that when you hear some gay men (and some women also) claiming they were born this way, they were really confused as to why they were not attracted to the opposite sex, and during this state of confusion, Satan took advantage of them by planting seeds of perversion, causing them to become attracted to the same sex.
Sorry, i did not not answer your question fully. Society is focused on homosexuality, largely because of the damage done to relationships and families, men living on the "down-low." I can't begin to tell you the number of marriages destroyed and women contracting AIDS and hepatitis as a result.

I will never forget having to tell a young mother (2mos old baby) that her neurological condition was due to the HIV virus she got from her husband who was having sex with another man. These situations highlights the problems and encourages people to re-act.

I do agree with you that I am concerned for our people and how society, even the church treats them in their time of need. No one should be mis-treated. God is not happy with that. However, responsibility is always a two-way street.

Thanks for sharing your insights. God bless your for your understanding and compassion.
... Jesus made no pronouncement and certainly no condemnation concerning homosexuality ...

Amen Brother! Amen! Amen! Amen! Tell it like it IS...

Neither did he make a pronouncement nor condemnation concerning 'beastiality' nor 'pedophilia' nor 'incest'.

So lets love them into the kingdom with our hermenuetical and exegetical anaylsis of Scripture.
...but for the homosexual individual, they must live their life as a enunch...

I agree TOTALLY !!
... Ironically, most men, including those "holier than thou" men on the BPN, have real issues with two men getting it on, but they have absolutely no problems with and watching two women getting it on, and are more tolerant of it ...

Isnt this a new phenomena?
I have never seen the likes of lesbianism being so attractive to men as I have within the last ten years. Before that - I guess I am naive - I did not know that it was such a scrumptious thing for men. And to be frank - women are dumb to fall for it. Its still men brainwashing women to think they need to be perverted to get a man. They fall for it everytime.

The bible says that 'man loveth strange flesh' - theres always got to be something different/odd/tabu to arouse the flesh for men (wordly/lost men). They move from weak minded women to loose women to out and out perverted women and then the men wind up moving on to lying with men and next will be animals. Totally depraved sick and shameless.
Newview, they have already started with animals. There was a woman who agreed to have sexual intercourse with a monkey that was sexually attracted to women, all for $1 million dollars. This was a monkey named Oliver who for some strange reason walked upright all his life and he never wanted to be with the herd of apes so he was taken care of by humans.

I also read an article where a homosexual stated that if he wishes to engage in sex with a dog, it should be his right. Many parents are outraged at the fact the schools want to portray homosexuality as something normal and acceptable.
He is lost and needs salvation but Jesus saves to the uttermost, which is most important.
Also, everyone has not been called to be a pastor - he should not have been a pastor.
I feel sorry for the people that thought this young man was spiritual and walking with the Lord in the first place.
Men of God had better get back in the pulpit and remove the bad apples.


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