Date: Friday, September 25, 2009, 4:57 am

From his tattooed and pierced appearance, a short-lived marriage, the death of his father, and early retirement from the gospel industry to being dropped from Verity Records, the life and career of gospel artist Tonex (To-nay) has been marred by pain and controversy.

Throughout all the pressure, the young pastor of Truth Apostolic Community Church in San Diego has taken pride in being transparent.

In 2007, after a foul-mouthed online interview and angry YouTube posts, he issued an open letter apologizing to fans and fellow clergy for his outlandish rants.

Now, during an astonishing testimony in an exclusive interview on Word Network's "The Lexi Show," Tonex (real name Anthony Williams) lays to rest years of speculation about his sexuality and admitted he is attracted to men.

When Lexi attempts to clarify if he is a practicing homosexual, the radical artist declares he is a “free spirit.”

Among many candid details, in the following clips, Tonex acknowledges he had a nervous breakdown, says he does not blame his interest in men on being molested, that he believes in “same sex covenants” and that he wants to be a dad someday.

You can see the full interview by visiting You Tube and search for Lexi Show Tonex

What are your thoughts about sexual behavior? How should the church address issues related to sexual conduct?

During the month of October, Wisdom For Joyous Living will explore, Homosexuality Conflict Within My Soul with Christian Psychologist Dr. Tracy Scott and Christian Psychiatrist and Ordained Minister Dr. Verle Bell.

Wisdom For Joyous Living is heard weekly on WPJC.FM

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To say that Jesus never addressed the issue of homosexuality as a defense in saying that we should not speak against this sin in our pulpits is wrong. Anything that is labeled sin should be preached against even without the words having ever rolled off the lips of Jesus. We have never heard Jesus say that Pedophilia is a sin or that those who molest children are just broken, so does that mean we allow this activity to fester. Are we to allow pedophiles to teach, handle and oversee our children because we’ve never heard Jesus condemn it. We need to understand that some things are simply sin and that Jesus expects us to understand and rightly divide his word when teaching on such subjects. We don’t need to hear Jesus say that molesting children is wrong in order to rebuke that sort or behavior. We must also, keep in mind that many homosexuals are the ones guilty of molesting children and passing that foul spirit on to corrupt the innocence of their little minds. Being soft on this sin only encourages it.
...To say that Jesus never addressed the issue of homosexuality as a defense in saying that we should not speak against this sin in our pulpits is wrong...

You hard hearted pharisee!
Dont you get it - If you do like you say - they will be offended.
The church's teachings nor its preachers are to offend sinners - no matter how greivious the sin may be.
The word of God used to be preached and it was to offend the sinners, however, the church has evolved - it is no longer necessary to offend. You dont get it. Its a new day.

LOL....I guess you are right there...LOL How dare we preach against sin in a time where sin is running rampant. If someone wants to be a homosexual or a Pedophile, we should not make them feel offended by our preaching, as a matter of fact all parents should take their children to homosexual daycare centers and show them that we are not homophobic. And even if they do fondle or molest our children, we should just pray for them and let God heal their sin while our children remain in their care to be victimized. Then that way no no one could ever accuse us of being pharisees....LOL again.
They call good evil and evil good. Sister I blame every one that goes around calling themselves called by God to proclaim his word.
The bible warns to be not many masters because you will receive the greater condemnation...
This should be scarey:

For there are certain men
crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, TURNING THE GRACE OF OUR GOD INTO LASCIVIOUSNESS

Father God, in Yeshua Name I pray change the will of this young man, you died for his sins as you died for mine, and in your word you state that you don't want to see any of your creation perish. The road he is on is one of abomination, put in his heart a desire to turn, convict his heart, let every word, song, that comes out of his mouth bring to his remembrance those things that are in your will, and the observance that he is speaking against them.

Lord, bring about a repentive heart, and let him come boldly to you, despite the gossip and those fingers pointed that already have him in hell.

I thank you Father, for this young man's salvation, in Yeshua's Name Amein

Newview, I know Sister. I don't know what kind of God people think we are serving but it certainly is not the fella in the picture above. I think preachers need to take their text from the book of Revelations a little more to get an idea of what is on the Lord's mind these days.....LOL
Gentiles are actually oppressing Israelites...but instead of talking about the who...let's talk about the why.. Until we Israelites (Black people) stop all this mess and loving the sinners sin...we will continue to be oppressed...this oppression is prophesied in scripture but the power that be, has continued to do his hiding and removing of our Hebrew right because he knows the deal...

The so-called church has been the perfect deception that has put our people (and some gentiles) in a "love" fest if Idolatrous PAGANISM... It's (christianity) has blinded our people from Yah because they steer away from Torah...It's all prophetic...But some don't read unless it brings them money and riches..

Hebrews were dark skinned sister...but i understand you..
THE WHITE PICTURE OF JESUS WAS PLACED IN SARCASM IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE. Jesus is spoken of and portrayed as this man who is completely tolerant of sin and only plays with the children and the little lambs.

He is the same Jesus that said, "And I will kill her children with death in the book of Revelation."

No one wants to know that Jesus, which is why they always talk about his love.
Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

God Bless
My statement about pedophilia is to show that there are MANY MANY SINS, that Jesus didn't speak about directly but that all sin must we repented in order for anyone to expect to be saved and go to heaven. This includes homosexuality. No one can be a practicing homosexual and expect to be raptured if Jesus returns while they are locked up with another man.

They must know just like any other sinner, that they will go to hell if they DO NOT REPENT. NO UNREPENTANT SINNER CAN EXPECT TO GO TO HEAVEN. So instead of making people think that Jesus sympathizes with their need to be abominable creatures, just tell them the truth, that if they continue they will become reprobates.
Yahshua may not have spoken about certain fact what sin did he ever speak about?

He knew that the Torah spoke to all things that are lawless...

That's why you have to turn to Torah...get out of the free spirit mindset...


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