Date: Friday, September 25, 2009, 4:57 am

From his tattooed and pierced appearance, a short-lived marriage, the death of his father, and early retirement from the gospel industry to being dropped from Verity Records, the life and career of gospel artist Tonex (To-nay) has been marred by pain and controversy.

Throughout all the pressure, the young pastor of Truth Apostolic Community Church in San Diego has taken pride in being transparent.

In 2007, after a foul-mouthed online interview and angry YouTube posts, he issued an open letter apologizing to fans and fellow clergy for his outlandish rants.

Now, during an astonishing testimony in an exclusive interview on Word Network's "The Lexi Show," Tonex (real name Anthony Williams) lays to rest years of speculation about his sexuality and admitted he is attracted to men.

When Lexi attempts to clarify if he is a practicing homosexual, the radical artist declares he is a “free spirit.”

Among many candid details, in the following clips, Tonex acknowledges he had a nervous breakdown, says he does not blame his interest in men on being molested, that he believes in “same sex covenants” and that he wants to be a dad someday.

You can see the full interview by visiting You Tube and search for Lexi Show Tonex

What are your thoughts about sexual behavior? How should the church address issues related to sexual conduct?

During the month of October, Wisdom For Joyous Living will explore, Homosexuality Conflict Within My Soul with Christian Psychologist Dr. Tracy Scott and Christian Psychiatrist and Ordained Minister Dr. Verle Bell.

Wisdom For Joyous Living is heard weekly on WPJC.FM

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You Watson seem to have a problem when it comes to anyone preaching against sin. I have never said that I was perfect but does that mean I should preach that to those who are dying in their sins. Jesus said, be ye holy for I am holy. What about my statements is untrue? I haven't said anything much different than anyone else. I have given you scripture yet you are calling God's word a weapon.

If you can show me the scripture that says we are required to make others feel comfortable in their sins then I will be quiet. You told another brother to calm down before he has a heart attack and yet you are displaying the same anger over my statements concerning homosexuality. I notice you are now getting personal with stating that I am not Mrs. Goodie Christian and including my husband, Watchman who hasn't even answered on this discussion. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? If you have an ought with me then you should come to me correct, because I have nothing personal against you. THIS IS JUST A DISCUSSION AND YOUR ANGER IS JUMPING OFF THE BOARDS. WHY?

Again, if you don't like God's word then direct that anger towards him.
Thank you Sister... Will do. Sometimes those who are suppose to be brethren and on the same team come across as enemies when it comes to preaching the gospel.
Yeah good night....God's truth is mess to those who can not stand sound doctrine....Same ole rejection of the truth as usual.........Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....(Smile) (LOL) Praise the Lord.
wow...He called you a sinner o man...How is that right?

Embedded video from CNN Video
Bill Clinton's reversal on Gay's legally marrying.....The pressure must be enormous and many are folding like cheap suits.

Hey Sister Lee,

Thanks for responding. I feel your pain and concern. Truly, I believe that all of the people posting on this subject have a heart for those who are hurting and that they desire to do what's right.

As far as steps, individuals dealing with these deep emotional wounds, and faulty perceptions about who they are in Christ are in need of both professional counseling and prayer. Counseling generally does not operate in a step-wise fashion. Each case is different. Equally, people mature in their faith at different rates as well.

I will not counsel a person who desires to stay in the lifestyle any more than I would counsel someone who desires to continue to beat his wife. However, I would not stop working with them if while seeking help, they fell into sin.

Most of the comments on this subject, tend to just deal with the spiritual side of man, but for man to be whole, all three areas (spirit, mind, body) must come together focused on the Lord and listening to the Holy Spirit. As I stated earlier, man is not just a spirit. The emotional and physical must also be addressed. Any area out of balance, impacts the others areas.

I am concerned when the whole person is not recognized and the need to address man’s ills is just the spirit part of man. For example, can one imagine treating a diabetic with a spiritual exhortation? Additionally, how can man with a spiritual problem, be treated with just psychological counseling or medication. Man is a whole composed of more than one part, and he must be treated as such.

There is a balance between these areas and Jesus knew it quite well. He knew when to be directive and when to help others gain insight through parables (see John 2). He knew when to focus on the present without excluding the past (see John 4). He knew when to focus on the spiritual aspect of man but not neglect the physical and psychological (see John 5).

Paul also had emotional and spiritual balance and reflected this in his counseling (1 Thessalonians 5:14).

Yes, we must and should preach about sin. But to equip the saints can not just stop there. We must also help them learn how to live this Christian life. None of this is done in our own strength, but with that of the Holy Spirit.

I am reminded that problems do not disappear when someone accepts Christ, or hears the Truth, but there is a new power to deal with them. Living the Christian life is not just a one-step process.
It is very sad when joining a discussion that so called children of God allow things to become personal. Just because we decide to have a home church, open up our doors to the community, fellowship with those who will not set foot in a conventional church we are demonized. By whom? Those who are suppose to be serving the same God as we do.

Jesus wasn’t a member of a church and he was demonized for dwelling at the house of Zacheus. The people accused him of hanging around sinners. Well excuse me if I wish to minister to those that are lost and not get tangled up in an institution that seems to ignore sinners. Just in case no one knew this, the Holy Ghost isn’t confined only within the walls of a mortgaged Cathedral.

Said in love
Bless you Sister Carla,
We too have founded Rest Of God Ministries, Inc. and we hope to be a blessing both spiritually and naturally to those that are lead to us. I would love to share with you the many things that God has both laid on our minds and implemented. I have a love for people and I wish to share it with those that are seeking and lost. I try to make sure that anyone who comes through our doors knows that they are precious to me. I wish that people would not confuse straight preaching with attacking or non-love. Anyone who crosses my path can feel the love. We had a couple of ladies come to our home a few weeks ago for the first time and they both said, that they felt so comfortable and calm here. All I can say is, it is the presence of the Lord. Well anyways, I can see how and why home churches are needed, because just as you have stated, many that won't set one foot into a church are actually casualties of the church.

They need someone on the outside to help them find their way back to CHRIST.

Anthony Watson you asked: Are homosexuals and lesbians welcomed in your mansion church? Just curious.

I have had both in my home. One young lady shared her conflict in the flesh with me and I shared the word of God with her. She was looking for help not acceptance or sympathy. Her and her children have spent a lot of time with our family. We fed them and shared the word with them and love them. If she wants to remain that way, and simply frolic around then that's where we part ways. But that is not the case.

One young man came with his mother. She saw some of our videos in which the issue of homosexuality was covered. She asked if her son could see it because she is not clear on what to do. He is only 16. Now instead of assuming that we are attacking people, why don't you read what I have said.

Just like Kimberly stated, when talking about those claiming to be Christians it is different from someone who isn't saved and needs to know Jesus. If someone is just playing church and is looking for acceptance of that lifestyle, The bible says not to have fellowship with them. No one will be bringing a gay lover to my home, hugging up with each other in front of my children and others.

P.S. Anthony, the size of our home has nothing to do with anything. That is God's blessing to us and I do not apologize for it. When you see a great deal you go for it.


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