Does the Grace of God give Christians a license to justify their sin? What was Paul trying to convey when he stated "where sin abounds, grace does that much more abound?" Are Christians truly seeking a way out of their sin? Are Christians truly seeking to be holy as the Father is holy? My perception of many Christians that I encounter is one of justification..."its okay because God hasn't delivered me yet"....I really dislike that line...what it says to me is I don't even have to try and overcome my mess because God hasn't taken it from me yet..what are your thoughts?

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Definitely and absolutely no! "Churchfolks" make the attempt to cover or make excuses for their sins. "True" Christians acknowledge their sins, then repent of them. Some of us are seeking to be holy, some of us are just going through the motions and making a show. If it is justification that they are using here is the answer - Matthew 21: 17 - 22.
Minister Owens...I agree that the true people of God will not justify their sins, but try telling someone who believe they are a true christian that they should not justify their sins. They don't even see it as justification. So my position is to pray. It's just frustrating because we don't realize the stumbling block that we are to the unbeliever when we participate in the same behaviors as them.
We are in total agreement my Sister. I have learned to just allow God to deal with them but I have no problem making them aware of their misconception.
Evangelist Jones...though I agree with your views on grace and sin and I enjoy the analogy regarding the creditors...I am unfamiliar with a scripture that states that God's grace will run out.
Thanks for clarifying
Elder you believe that there is a distinct difference between an individual that is working towards holiness and one that is simply in sin and justifying it.. and do you think that one can discern the difference in an individual. Not Judging the individual, but discerning. I believe that you can know a person's heart by what comes out of their mouth. And when someone tells me that a particular sin is okay because God has not taken it from them yet, that seems to me as a position of justification and not of one truly striving for holiness...I lived in sin for a long time after coming to the Lord and that statement reminds me of me before I became serious about the Lord and my walk...Once I became serious about God and the things of God...not only did my behavior change, my talk did as well. I know longer made statements like that...that sin was okay because I had not been "delivered." What are your thoughts
Elder is refreshing to converse with someone who is both honest as well as knowledgeable. I appreciate your comments. Thanks
Honesty is always the best policy my Brother. I am also looked down on for being honest and open about my weaknesses, failures and shotcomings but I believe that God has allowed me to have those valley and desert experiences so that I might have a greater testimony and be a more powerful witness. God did not condone any of this and I have paid dearly for all of it and because of it all I am a better person and totally committed servant.

I never once tried to justify my sins because there was none for it. To make matters worse, I enjoyed what I was doing while I was doing it. Oh, but, "the morning after the night before" I was messed up from the floor up and was angry at myself for failing God. I fell upon my face and cried unto God for deliverance and forgiveness and He did what He does.

God is gracious unto His children and will keep us......"IF YOU WANNA BE KEPT."
Minister Owens..I often state that the reason churchfolk don't seem to get real deliverance is because they have learn to perfect a phoniness regarding their holiness in the church. When I was in my mess, the church should have been the first place I felt comfortable enough to run to, but when I did go to my "brotha's and sista's" in christ, the brotha's tried to exploit it and the sista's judged me for it. However, nobody tried to assist me in the word. So....I probably struggled alot longer than I would have had I had a true godly person to assist. Now I make sure that I am there for my brother's and sister's in Christ who are struggling with what I once struggled with and I assist them in the word and I don't judge because I know the feeling of failure..feeling as though I have completely disppointed my God.
"As love covers a multitude of sins. As we cannot judge the heart of someone, only the Lord can do that. And one might be in a real struggle, with ever desire to live holy, but for whatever reason their faith has not reach the place to break the stronghold, I do feel that grace for that person is still given. But again, we must look on the inside of the person and only God can do that. I hope I answer the question."

I agree somewhat to what was said here HOWEVER when you grow in grace you learn not to make the same mistakes over and over again.
The Word says that God will provide a way of escape.
The Word says FLEE from sin.
These two scriptures alone let's us know that there is safety in the will of God and we need to go back to teaching TOTAL obedience, TOTAL sanctification, TOTAL salvation, and TOTAL righteousness.
Telling people that we have grace and you can rely on grace every time you make a "mistake" is not a good thing because what if they go out there and die in their sin?
See, when I was growing up they told us you might get out there and not get back.
But those messages aren't taught anymore because we want to lull people into a false sense of security.
We need to start giving the TRUTH and not the fluff that has dominated the church for the past 15-20 years.
I love that statement...the Fear of God will save you, but the Love of God will keep you. It is so wasn't until my spiritual eyes were opened to the Love of God that He had for me that I could then learn to reciprocate...I know that He still loves me more than I love Him, but I know that when my flesh rises and I want to behave a certain way or do a certain thing that would clearly be against my Father..It is the love that I have for Him that constrains me. Elder Williams you are a man of wisdom and you definitely have a gift of making things plain. I appreciate and thank God for you.
The prodigal son grew in the same environment and teaching his brother did, he knew the truth, for he spoke it, "the servants in my father's house are better off than me" some have to have life altering experiences to receive, as Paul.

God's grace is umerited favor that which we are unworthy of. It is not a license to sin, it is for character improvement, for all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord, you may see your brothers grow spiritually into great men of God after their time of testing and trial.


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