Little miss innocent Taylor Swift hangs out with Nazi party kids and has "JH" On her shirt...and certain folks were attacking me just a month ago over her....LOL

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he was right that she didnt deserve that award. His drunkness was the spirit of christ attacking that racist little girl
You cannot know Christ if you think "drunkenness" is His spirit. Christ does not get drunk and He does not attack; He defends, rebukes and casts out demons. But on "that day" when He returns to rid this world and the heavens of Satan and his demons, that will be the day He will launch an attack once and for all.
Believe me the Messiah was no where near that stage on that night.

Kanye West is a hypocrite. He is doing worse than she is.
And what does JH mean?
Jew Hater
I bet that was photoshopped. I mean all of the graffiti.
This is good news for me...and it aint photoshopped
Ok, update...

From what I have read - the picture IS genuine. They were at a birthday party and I think everyone wears white so that they could be creative and paint whatever they want on their clothes.

It seems that JH stands for Julianna Hough (her friend's initials ) and Julianna had TS (initials for Taylor Swift) painted on her clothing.

So now that - thats straight - it was stupid of Taylor Swift to take a picture with a guy who has a swastika thing on his clothing. Either she is insensitive or she is not very bright because a swastika is stands for hatred of Jews today by the general public.


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