God is tired of men being oberbearing by not allowing women to preach. Moreover, God commands that women do not usurp authority over men. Usurp means to illegally take authority from men. Too many women are calling themselves, Dr., Rev., Bishop, Overseer and Apostle. Women Can Not be officers with higher ranks than men (1 Timothy, chapter 2 and 1 Corinthians, chapter 11).

     God's Word has full and final authority over any opinions. We are to be willing and obedient to eatthe good of the land. Moreover, the Lord Jesus Christ says if anyone tries to add or take away from God's Words, then he or she will be extremely punish/judge. Seek the truth!!  Practice the truth! and Learn the truth!!                                  A-men

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It is tight, but it is right (God's Word).


You're on brother , but I beg to add just a little more to it, if I may!  

Men in the streets, and in the church, have left women to do the heavy lifting.  Its time for everyone to teach, preach, instruct and lead where they are appointed, but not out of order.  If a man or a woman's house is out of order, does God send such a singular one to minister to the whole?  God is not the author of confusion. 

We need to clean our collective houses and bring the fruits of repentance to his altar.  God won't bless a mess.   We can receive his glory in full measure and everyone will be in their right calling by the power of the Spirit if we all come correct.

Bless you brother Apostle.

A-men. let God be the truth, and let man be a lie.

Good Grief Charlie Brown..If God didnt want women to have more authority over men..then he wouldnt put them in that position..Can you even understand the words that are coming out of your mouth?..without even looking at the scriptures that is supposed to support this toxic, women hating nonsense coming out of your mouth..i can tell you that the begining of your sentence does not support the end of your sentence..for you are saying that women should be allowed to preach, however when the annointing come over us we should quench it and not go higher? now only is that absurd but impossible. for God is no respector of persons..and each time his glory comes to you it is impossible for you not to go higher..Now your feelings of inferiorty to women God can heal..MOG, and there are many women that God has and is sending to the nations..and it is not in their own strength..So the body of Christ really dont have time for this type of bondage that we as women have been putting up with forever!! I render this lying spirt helpless and destroyed with the fire of God!! God is not even allowing this type of mess anymore the time is up..He is sifting out his remnant and the saints will either line up or line out! So please stop believing that his word is about you..because its not! and there is no rank in the spirit..apostles come to teach..the saints the way of God. so that we can learn who we really are, lets not exalt positions, we are all spirit. so please get your mind right because you are defineately out of order and wearing your emotions on your sleeve..imagine that!

God does not change. Proudful and hurtful women desires to be in charge of men. the truth can hurt and set you free. I know the ttruth, and now it is your time and other women to receive the truth. Men must cover women, and women must obey men, 1 Corinthians, chapter 11 and 1 Timothy, chapter2 and Ephesians, chapter 5.

     Judge Deborah?  When men are not taking care of business than God will raise up whomever will obey his word.  Luke 19:40, "And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."  Stones meaning those who are not refined by society standards meaning still a little rough around the edges.

     Remember they kept the colt (young of an ass) tied up because they were not considered valuable here because of their youth, today because they have no seminary training, no title, not been saved long enough, not old enough, haven't spoken in tongues, etc., but the Lord had need of the colt (young of an ass).  He said, "loose him and bring him hither."  We like keeping people tied up because they don't meet our standard and we have not approved them because of our limited intellectual approach (ass meaning dumb).   

     When a man is a rolling stone, incarcerated, etc., the woman becomes the head of her home and raises up her children according to the word of God.  In a perfect world the man is supposed to be the head.  I think the title of bishop is still reserved for a man of God.  There are still plenty of godly men who are called to hold this office today.         




                                                  APOSTLE RILEY


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