Have We Traded Our Calls, Anointings,The Glory , Power & Presence Of God For Money, Power & Fame

There use to be a time you could find thru out the Nation Churches opened Praying at noon. Church  with shut ins up thru the New Year. You could attend Church & the power & presence of God was so great. Many souls were saved , people were truly saved & delivered with lasting fruits in there lives. Great Healing power was in lots of Churches. People were healed to include many terminal illnesses & people lived to very old ages still healed when they passed.Why is that power & presence in just a few remnant Churches today but nothing like the old Church.

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Greetings my sister. Its great to see you asking a question many dare not ask. I admire your boldness and Confidence in Christ. May I reply to your question by making a  simple three point observation.

Three things the church has aborted since the book of Acts

1. The gospel of salvation as in Acts 2:38 that was in line with Jesus command in John 3:5 now replaced with easy believism (Romans 10:9).
2. The truth that Jesus is God manifested in the flesh (1 Tim 3:16), We are told today, he's only the Son of God and the second person but not God!.
3. The name of Jesus left out of baptism. This was the sign that those who were converted from Judaism and paganism were "of the way" and followed him whose name was Jesus. Most many chuches dont even baptise let alone use the name of Jesus in baptism until months or even years later after so called "conversion."

Are these things essential? of course. Baptism in his name, the belief in only one true God and salvation itself was commanded not suggested. (Ex 20:3. John 3:5 Acts 238). We must conclude that when the church willfully wanders from God commands and denies his doctrine as necessity, God withdraws his hand.

Of course this may be too simple an answer, but truth generally is simple. It's our unbelief that makes it complicated.

With respect


......and by the way have a great 2012. May it be incredible for you.

Paul Thomas ,Thanks For  Your  Response . Great Points & May You & Your Family Be Blessed Greatly In 2012.

     I don't think that discussion can really bring about any significant change.  You are called to do a specific work in a certain area and to a specific group of people that God has given you to pastor (disciple).  To many times we want to run to Africa before we take care of folk on our block and in our own community.  I don't think the concern should be so much what other people are not doing.  We really can't speak for them.  We need to focus more on what we are doing and let God do the rest. 

Elder Denny and I have discussions posted that relate to your topic. And me and a friend of mine who is a pastor talk about the condition of the church almost everyday. Jesus' miracles of healing the sick and casting out demons caused his "fame" to go out throughout all of Syria. And people from all around brought the sick and demon possessed to him to be healed and delivered. In Mark chapter 2 four men carried a paralyzed man to the roof top of a house to get healed because the house was too full to enter in through a door or window. Miracles draw people! But when Jesus told him his sins were forgiven, those who marveled at his healing power now call Jesus a blasphemer for revealing he had the power to forgive sins. But Jesus wasn't concerned about his popularity, he was concerned about doing the will of his Father. I watched a proclaimed apostle neglect to preach the Word of God in a service because when he preached he got no response. But when he prophesied the people were amazed. People aren't interested in preaching, teaching, hearing, and doing the Word anymore. We want to see the "Supernatural". We want to hear a prophecy. We preach physical healing and financial prosperity because it's popular. But we don't preach sanctification, holiness, and being conformed to the image of Christ because these types of messages don't make people shout and fall out on the floor. So I believe God has withdrawn his power and works selectively in churches and through a few people as He wills. I really believe it! Until we get back into the Word of God and the things you've listed, the absence of his power will remain and possibly be more withdrawn.   

True Points. We As Pastors Cant Apease The People & Preach To Those That Have Itchy Ears

Church is nothing more now than a tax free business.

Church today is not the church that is founded on Jesus' principles of caring and doing for those who need help- whether spiritually, emotionally or financially.

I just went through a situation with my ex-pastor that I hope I never have to go through again.

If your pimp I mean pastor likes to receive more than give- you are in the wrong church.



In Love Sister Denise

Great to see you posting again Rev.Luckett!


These Are Very Informative Comments To This Topic. Lets Continue The Discussion.

i hate hear of the past when the bible did mention pf the glory of the letter being greater than the former 

Rev Anthony Luckett,& Rev Anthony Watson There Are  Remnant  Churches All Around The World That Still Pray Lay Hands On The Sick & Believe The Bible. We Are One We Have Prayer Three Times Per Day & A Pray Team Of People That 7 Nights Per Week There Are At Least  6 Or More On That Altar  All  Night 353 Days Per Year& Always Several Men. We As Many Churches Still Flow In The Anointing. We Believe God Wants Us To Prosper  In Every Area Of Our LIves That Include Finances, It Takes Lots Of Money To Get The Gospel Out. A Lot Of Pastors Are  Business Owners As Myself For Many Many Years So We Have Our Own Resources .Its Nothing Wrong With Teaching People To GIve As The Word Promises An Expect To Reap As Isaac , Jacob, Abraham David & Solomon & Many In The Bible As They Obeyed & Pleases The Lord. I Just Think Things Have Gotten Out Of Balance For A Lot That Had Wrong Motives In There Preaching & Teaching & Thats With Any Message,God Still Has Obedient Pastors & Churches All Around The Word. Your Comments Have Lots Of Truths.


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