When my people who are called by my name humble themselves he will hear from heaven and he will answer
He will bring our group of nations again
Israel and Judah were two separate nations Israel went captive to Nineveh and Judah to Babylon
Israel went whoring after other gods they served baal and went into witchcraft consulted mediums etc
The symbols for Israel were the sheaf of wheat the ox the serpent bitting at the horses heals for Dan etc we see these symbols in the USA Brittain Denmark Holland Canada Australia New Zealand etc our group of nations
We sent out more missionaries than any other nations
We are the sheep nations giving and blessing all the other nations of the world blessed to be a blessing
Now we see them turning to witchcraft mediums and all the things Israel of old turned too
God Allowed them to go into captivity in ancient times so he will allow it to happen again he allowed deep afflictions to come upon them in the past so he will do so again
So with Israel today both in the middle east and the company of nations they are mixed within our nations
When Israel is surrounded by her enemies and she calls out to him he will surely hear from heaven and answer them and save them with his mighty right arm
He will bring us together as brothers to stand side by side in the last days
God is pouring out his spirit on Africa South America and the rest of the world doing mighty miracles in all these places to provoke his children to return to him and to show his mighty love for all mankind

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