As a Christian Psychologist, host of Wisdom For Joyous Living Radio Show and President of Healthy Living Seminars, I recently received this question from one of our listeners and I would like your thoughts:

How do you know when to let go of a marriage after years of separation? He won't divorce. Says he loves me but his actions dictate otherwise. Apparently he enjoys living his life in the world because he won't address the real issue. The only way he will communicate is via email. There are days when I want to divorc and days I don't know what to do. How do I know its God telling me to wait and not my flesh? Signed Frustrated Women of God.

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I am only assuming because I don't know the whole story but based on what you said I think he won't divorce because what ever woman or women he is seeing can not force him to marry them so his marriage is in a way protecting him from having to really comment to anyone else.

As far as how you know you should Divorce is this if he committed adultery the bible says you can. But if you no longer love him and you don't think it will work and you don't feel your holding out for God to restore the marriage is another. However your only answer can come from God when i filed for divorce I prayed before and ask God to show me if my ex was going to change well what i witness was the same behavior and him telling me he loves me but his actions had not changed.

Now i realized my ex at the time was 44yrs old and if he was not willing to work on his problems along side with me for our marriage to work I knew he would never change some people get set in their ways and he was one of them oddly enough when i filed I had so much peace because then i knew this is what God allowed me to.

God doesn't want us to be tied to any one or thing that will hinder our relationship with him and if he has been that to you some things are just realistic. Look pass your emotions and see it for what it really is. I pray this helps you God bless.


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