I recently assisted a student writing a dissertation proposal for his Doctor of Ministry research project. It consisted of detailed instructions of how to structure the proposal. It included the following outline:

The Title of the Project/Dissertation:

Research Question:

The Ministry Issue:

State in one or two sentences the issues presented by your ministry which you want to address. 

What is your motivation for wanting to address the issue?

Give some historical background to the issue. 

Share some of your personal history that informs your concern about the issue. 

Suggest how addressing this issue might make a contribution to your ministry setting and the Church Universal.

Previous Efforts to Address that Ministry Issue:

(How has this ministry issue been addressed previously?)

Highlight some of the empirical literature that has attempted to address this issue. 

Highlight some of the theological literature that has attempted to address this issue.

Highlight some of the biblical literature that has attempted to address this issue.

Highlight some of the operational literature that has attempted to address this issue.

State briefly the theory/theories that help to explain, in part, an answer(s) to the ministry issue or problem.

Summarize the literature search.

Outlining your Project: 

Specify what you propose to do in addressing the issue in terms of an act of ministry or project.

How will you do what you propose?

What criteria are you using to decide with whom you will work?

State the various ways, times, methods, and others involved.

What research methodology will you use (qualitative, quantitative)?

What final results do you intend?

The dissertation proposal was successful. Do you need assistance writing your dissertation proposal or writing your dissertation?

Colleges, universities, theological schools have different types of instructions for research projects. I can help you make sense of the instructions and get off to a great start.

Let me know if I can assist you with qualitative research design/proposals, or action research design/proposals. Assistance for Master degree theses requiring qualitative research design is also available. Perhaps you have questions about how to proceed. 

Just contact me.

Herman Fountain, Ed. D.

Pastoral Counselor


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