I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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Rev. Miller,
If you are ministering in China, it would be incumbent upon you to minister the Word of God in Mandarin or Cantonese. Likewise, the music of praise and worship would likely be in a format native to that country. Ultimately, you could teach them English and eventually they may learn some of the "old standard" hymns but, first, you must reach them at their level of understanding. You have to first do something to reach them otherwise your preaching is in vain.

I'm not saying that anyone has to be stuck in hip-hop or any other genre. But if this is a tool that is needed to catch souls (remember, we catch, Jesus cleans), then we should either be willing to use it or at least be willing to joyfully allow those who are willing to do so without prejudice.
Dear Reverend, thank you for your reply. I'd like to share with you the simple song I found one evening, one of those when I'm too tired to pray, to stressed for words, and even depressed that I don't feel worthy, as a mere human being, of even try to be heard from the great Lord above all. Then I recall, God is Love Himself, and then I see in my mind, Jesus coming for the sinners, not for the saints! Have we turned ourselves into the same Pharisees Jesus himself disagreed with? Are we to preach to the choir or to go out of our way to meet with the sinners and bring them in church? What would Jesus do, that is the old question that still can be applied here. "Jesus is not hip hop", forgive my daring, but is that a Bible quote? God is Omnipresent, that is a Bible quote. 'Everywhere', including hip hop, it is just my simple and humble opinion. Love in Jesus,
Sounds good. It is amusing and entertaining. Very good lyrics set to a hip hop beat, and if it encourages you that is good as well. I am no pharisee, but if you want to call that I can't stop you, but I will love you as a fellow child of God. Thanks for the video link!
Lets not misunderstand what compromising is. St. John 12:32; "If I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me". It is the word of God being administered to the soul that brings on repentence, and not the music. Let the hip-hop stay out of the church.
We must recognize the devil and what his tools are. It is the Word of God that keeps the young and old in the church.
And it is our responsibility to keep God's Sanctuary "HOLY", cause He has entrusted it within our hands. St. Matthew 16:26;
"For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"
Great response Sister Gainous.
So Ella, every one you know in the church that doesn't listen to hip hop lives in purity & holiness? Why is any other style of music accepted in the church?
Brother Miller,

You're still missing the fact that only certain people have been given that gifting. Being an offshoot is being something that is not authentic...what we receive is authentic. It is authentic to the specific make-up that Elohim created. We don't wake up thinking "who shall we imitate today". We rise & approach The Throne of God w/a praise of thanksgiving. This praise comes in a rhyme w/a beat & hook. You're also not seeing how the world system is using this to divide God's House.

Jesus taught that a house divided against itself cannot stand. If you go back to another posting of mine I discussed who creates these titles for genres and what would happen if the titles were removed. Christians fear words. I often stay Christians tend to have more faith then they have knowledge but The Word teaches us to study & gain inderstanding. Then fear challenges your faith & there is no knowlege to rightly divide the word of Truth.

I challenge you my brother to go beyond the title of the genre & understand the concept. I can direct you to some music that will help you understand.
If there were no Kurtis Blow, RunDMC, Sugar Hill Gang, Snoop Dog, 50cent, Tupac Shakir, Notorious BIG, etc. Would there be Gospel Gangstaz, Deepspace 5, Grits, and Out of Eden? And I understand the concept, but the church is an institution not a concept. A concept is a notion or thought, the church is not a notion or thought the church is real and the foundation was established long ago.
Rev. Miller,
The church is a living, breathing institution. She has withstood change since her inception. In her history, worship styles have changed, building types have changed, preaching has changed, and, or course, music has changed. With every passing generation comes the complaint that this change or that change is of the devil and, yet, souls continue to be won.

As for the artists, would there be an Andre Crouch or Mighty Clouds of Joy without Sam Cooke or Jackie Wilson. Would there have been a James Cleveland without a James Brown?

All I'm saying is let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. If it serves as a vehicle by which souls are won for Christ, instead of condemning it, let's support those who are experiencing Kingdom success with it.
With the exception of Andre Crouch, I am sure there would have been a Mighty Clouds of Joy or James Cleveland without the ones you mentioned. I see another disconnect between you and I, you seem to have a pragmatic belief as far as the church is concerned and I do not. I do not condemn anyone, I don't have the authority to do so least I'd be condemned myself. I do however, take issue with trying recreate the church, you and I are not very different except when in comes to this issue. We both have a great love for the church, and I think we both have a full understanding that we are in this leaky boat together.
If I might add Brother Day since we are speaking honestly and candidly about tradition....What was it that Jesus chastised the Pharisees on again and again. Was it not their almost dogged devotion not to God, but to their religion, and its tradition. Why is it that men like this deny the power of God without full knowledge of the things that they speak. Why is it that men like this speak of leading the lost to the Lord, they give lipservice to the idea, but yet when it comes right down to it, they would rather keep the doors of the church closed to those who need it most. SMH
I apologize Content was the word that I meant to type, not concept. But why are you giving the receipient & manager of the gift more credit than The Creator of the gift?

Does a psychic not have the gift to see into the spiritual world? Do they use it for it's purpose? NO. Is Louis Farrakan not an awesome preacher? YES...does he use it for it's intended message? NO

And to once again answer yes. The World mimics God...not the reverse. David recited his poetry over musical composition...this is the same is a rapper. What begat thousands of years ago was meant to evolve...the problem is that the church is disenfranchised from it's original culture that gave Blues, Funk, & Hip Hop it's sound. These are evolutions from African & Middle Eastern Culture. YES it would have happened...but The Kingdom minded question is why do we always allow the world to be the authority in industry when God gave us the creativity & authority to do it.

We also have to realize that Satan has stolen from us as much as we have given up do to the religious wool over our eyes. Most churches don't discuss sex...the world does. We have to use more wisdom.

And if you want to hear something even more out the box? I was born & raised in the church but left at 13 because of 1. The hypocrisy & 2. The fact that there was nothing there to relate to the type of person that I was.

When I was in the world Tupac ministered to me more than a preacher did. How u ask? Because of his heart. His heart cried out to God like David. The same way my heart was crying out. But he did not have the same support system to secure his adoration for God. If you study David & Tupac's characters & words you will see similarities.

His expression on record along with his tattoos of Jesus with the inscription "Only God can judge me" & The Cross on his back with the scripture Exodus 18:11 showed one who wanted relationship. If the church reached out to him instead of attacking him he would probably be alive & reaching souls for Christ today.

But again...it is what we were created with. I can't be someone else. I know who I am & why I am...& I am because He is


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