I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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My Brother,
You are truly a master of forensic reconstruction and godly tenacity!
You guys are funny...lol...peace
what is funny is this "about face' that you are trying to perpetrate
Greetings Pastor Hodge,

If I offended you I apologize. People have done worse to me. And absolutely, I will
take any criticism, cronstructive or not. You sound like a christian, so that makes
you my brother.

Now, some gestures that rappers tend to carry over they should stop. They should
be corrected. If they can't take correction then you can' t minister to the people.
Thats basicly our procedure in any ministry in our church.

And like I said any worldly song that piques a persons flesh should not be used. Thats
why I said pastors and ministers of music should prayerfully consider these matters.
Above all we are creative people and that should always be our first option in christian
hip hop. If you are going to use another artist song, then the second option should be
of the christian music. They are just as creative as worldly artist.

Hey man of God, Challenge your youth to be creative in CHrist. If they are saved trust the
Holy Spirit to teach them. It will be blessed.

Also you can have them practice at the church and then you can make suggestions
before they get their routine together.

If you give them suggestions and criticisms in love, they will respond in love.
And it will work.

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips Sr.
Not pole dancing...but a good hustle & ballroom dance in the church is smooth? Or is that too much "gyration" for you to handle?
I personally believe that the Church or Body of Christ have become entangled with the things of this world. Instead of US setting the example, we have NOW BECOME THE FOLLOWERS OF THIS WORLD PATTERN! It's time to get in alignment with GOD'S WORD and not bending it for our personal gain. Why do we allow our youth to crunk in our Churches and some of everything else, WHEN THE WORD OF GOD IS ABLE TO STAND AND DELIVER ON ITS OWN! Get back to the basic fundementals and WATCH GOD
To my enlightened brothers, Min. Derrick Day, Min. Jonathan Anthony, Pastor Marcus Mcintyre, and to the others on this blog who have not allowed the wool of religion to blind genuine ministry.

To the others who are confused with is what is worldly and what is righteous...I pray & I am sure that my brothers & sisters in agreement pray with me that you will see the heart of genuine ministry in all of it's diversity. I pray for the souls that you could reach, but will fail to due to a lack of knowledge. OUR People, God's Children are dying daily, & this identity crisis of Christianity has failed them. I pray that you come to understand the truth before any further blood is on your hands.

Do not become the same thieves & robbers in the form of religion that Jesus spoke of in John 10: (Read John 9:1-10:10). Do not be so caught up in Western tradition that you abandon the sound of the East...this is our culture. A culture that we were stripped from that you now find strange to be in a church.

Judge them by their fruit...if you plant a seed of "Jesus Is Lord" then what grows in ground (the mind) that is conducive to that seed will grow. Hip Hop is a teaching tool just as many others before it.

IF YOU DISAGREE WITH HIP HOP, YOU ALSO DISAGREE WITH THE BOOK OF PSALM. For that is a true origin of Hip Hop, poetic expression over musical composition.

The prejudice that you have for urban culture is out of the same prejudice the unsaved have for the church..."all preachers are pimps & hustlers" "All choir directors are gay" "all females in the church are freaks". We know this to not be true, but some truth applies. Judge a man by his own actions not the actions of others. But you would not allow the innocent to be condemned...so why do you condemn those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1). The Blood is on your hands.

I challenge you as my brother Pastor Marcus Mcintyre stated, study the origins of the music you play in your church. If you play Amazing Grace, by your account, it is unholy...for it's origins began in a bar...but the meaning became redemptive.

This is called a takeover. Learn Kingdom & not Americanized Capitalistic Churchdom....anything w/out The King is just dumb. Learn the message being taught & if it lines up with THE WORD there is no further discussion...THE WORD is the final authority, not your personal opinion.
Truly awesome post, Minister Hunter! Thanks for the kind words. It is important we speak the truth...the truth of God's Word! It is the only truth that makes us free! God Bless You and all that you set your hand to will prosper, in Jesus name!
May God's blessings & prosperity (in Spirit, Soul, & Body) be upon you & your house in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. I will unite with you in any future ministry endeavors to take this land (geographic as well as in the lost) for Christ. Continue teaching God's Truth.
My Brother I pray that God continue to show you His will, His best, I pray that you always are found in His presence, growing in grace and knowledge. Able to show forth His praise, determined to win souls by any means necessary. I pray that your family continue to be blessed, and prosper. Know that I stand with you whenever, wherever, a ready prayer, a quick word of encouragement.
Brother Tyrone,
Welcome to the forum. You are absolutely right, the church does too much to imitate the world. However, what we're discussing here is the use of holy-hip hop as a tool to win the lost and edify the saints. There are many of us who believe hip-hop of any kind has no place in the church. There are many of us who believe hip-hop has a place in ministry as long as the lyrics glorify God.

Personally, I'm for the kind of preaching and teaching and praise and worship that sets folks free. Free from the bondage of sin and free from the bondage of religion.

I look forward to hearing your input on this subject. God Bless You!
Amen to this!


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