I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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Hip Hop has it's place and it shouldn't be in the House of God. That's basically I am trying to say .

Still the Hip Hop Style can't always be associated with rapping. I used to rap in church myself and oeven after a while our music was played by the church keyboardist and drummer (like a band has music, that's how we had). I thought it wasn't God's will afterwhile because of what people said about rap (notice i said rap), but I asked God to show me and the next time me and a family member went up to praise God through song, the Lord began to move by His spirit; He took over with my cousins words and mine as well, that we had not practiced and at the end His spirit filled the room and I was shocked because I had never seen anything like it before during a rap song. Rapping, with music or without. Hip Hop has singers too, so are you going to say we shouldn't sing either? Of course not! Rap is just a different delivery to get a message across with music or sometimes withouth. But don't preachers like to have music behind them as they preach or before or after? What makes it any different? stil lgetting a message across. As long as the message is holy and nothing is being defiled there shouldn't be a problem. The message is the focus and the spirit; if they rap unholy things, yes keep it out the church, but if it is in a presentable way why keep them away?


Pastor no disrespect you are a man of god but I feel that you going off your opinion. And after this message you going to throw scriptures at me. But when looking in the bible we have to understand the time frame and ask his for revelation. Christian rap you can't say it not of god you can just say it not my cup of tea. I know man of god who felt god in prison. Even tho he wasn't first living right it had to take prison to get his life track on god. But god gave him the gift to put words together in a way that it edifying the body thru the gospel. In the time he was lock up inmate would beg him to rhyme and god change that whole atomosphere. There was no fights or any mischief the time he serve.

So, what if I said when I hear a certain note in singing or someone rpeaching I think of something secular that didn't give God glory, does that make it wrong? No, it doesn't. Your thoughts have just become accustomed to combining the two. You don't have to agree with it nor accept it, but don't treat it as if it has no chance. You are going off of what 'you' think and how it makes 'you' think. What about the others whose mind are open to receive the message? When a lot of sinners hear preachers, being what what they are used to seeing, they 'think' that all are the same and all don't mean well; but don't we know that is not true? Stereotypical thinking is not going to help the kingdom grow, it just hinders it and discriminates. It does not have to be your desire, but once again it is all about the message. One point of time certain sounds weren't even in the church, because it ddin't have a 'church' sound, but the sound of a Church is the sound of holiness, which preaches the name of Jesus and His wondrous works. Singers don't have to live the life of the secular Jazz, R&B, or Hip Hop culture, so why make the rappers?The rapper can say the exact same words as the preacher, but yet it now makes it secular or not God? Nonsense. We as the Church need to stop letting the Society control our thinking and open our minds to what God is doing. The message is clear, it is only if we choose to listen.

What is hip-hop? Study it. You might be surprised. Hip-hop is not rap. Rap is a small part of hip-hop. There are also many rappers who do not curse, and don't believe they have to sag their pants. You try to throw all hip-hop into the same pot. Not all of us are sitting around, rockin' chains, cursing out women and smoking joints. Since some of you don't eben know what true hip-hop is, why don't you ask?

Family...This isn't uplifting or edifying at this point. The old school and new schoool will not agree that there is any value in this type of music or style in the church. I'm in the middle. I was born in the 60's, the church went through a transformation in the 70's with the Black Power Movement clashing with those that differed with Dr. King on How to gain civil rights without a fight and trust me there were alot of church folks that didn't DO A THING TO ADVANCE THAT CAUSE they sat still and said "GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF US" and "IT DON"T TAKE ALL THAT TO CHANGE THIS WORLD" so in the 80's the Clark Sisters were too radical for alot of Church Folks as were the Hawkins, Winans, and Smallwoods and Coleys and let me not forget that James Cleveland while popular in some circles was not readily uinvited to be in others.

Let's let it go. We can show that there are still churches that say if you wear bright colors that it is not of God and if you shout on two feet you ain't in the spirit. While I find it funny that we can't agree to disagree. Isn't it funny that no one caught on to the fact that this was started almost two years ago and folks are still on different sides.


Let me be clear...I am a middle aged kid that loves the hymn, and traditional gospel music but I love a little Kirk Franklin every now and then and I like Mary Mary too. Yes they can be a bit much for me but in times past they could be a but much too.


MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE...Please don't interpret the Bible only to suit your point of view. Things evolve. HOLINESS IS NOT A LOOK...






You have to understand good and the bad. Answer this why did Jesus told told Peter come follow me I'll make you fishers of men. He knew Peter was a good fishermen and Jesus didn't take nothing from him. He related to them. same as christian hip hop relating to them. Ask your self this what the church doing to help the youth today. Really nothing but pushing them away.As a man of God I love anything that edify the Kingdom of God if I don't understand one gift. I will not throw stones on it. You Pastors have let me down but not 1 time Ive  talk bad about yall. You get titles and forget to humble yourselves. Get caught up on what is not of god when yall are full of wickedness. For all these false prophets and all these pastors who bashing homosexuals and then finding out that pastor is gay or raping the same community you talk bout pastors robbing the people for their money. Pastor committing adultery. The kids you had to bury have you ever tried to reach out to their communities, set up different workshop. Let look what you doing.  Don't focus on one way to bring forth the gospel. Judge fruit by it fruit pastor. Rev Watson I will do this I will send you a copy of my album. I just pray that you will listen to it with open ears. I'm all for the kingdom of GOD Let's put of differences aside and come together and Jesus name to make an impact in  the communities that fall short because that not aware that God has a plan for them. Enough said!!!

Baby Boy...You have struck a loud and resounding chord in my soul. I'm going to give you a Holy Ghost High Five and tell you this...I left the church 25 years ago because I got battered and bruised by the Saints at a Teen. They beat me up spiritually and emotionally. I walk away from 18 - 25. I found something was missing in my life and I look to God and said "WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME TO DO?" God spoke and said "COME HOME MY SON, COME HOME"...I never stopped living a holy and saved life I just left the church. I will Minister to a PHD or a Mentally Ill person in need of a touch from God...I don't care where you are but I do want to change your destination.


Cam...I'm so hurt by the shift in holiness as a standard of living today. I never see so many Preachers falling not to mention mean Bishop...yes, I said MEAN. They were stern in the old days but they still had Daddy's Hearts...We have not only elevated natuarally but spiritually as well. We are all but deifying human beings and God is not pleased.


Preachers as Celebrities...Check Ya Fruit of the Spirit Family...We got Preacher Circuits and just like in the world everyone want their 15 minutes...


I'm going all the way with JESUS...Don't want to be a celebrity...I WANT TO BE A SERVANT.   

That all I'm trying to say. I'm Christian Rapper and believe me I'm all bout the kingdom. As long is Christ lifted up he will draw all men. Just stop putting Christ in a box. God might speak to Watson or other preachers one way. But god will speak to the youth in slang terms. Because he talks in a way that anyone could understand him young or old. Remember that god is the creation of all things and the devil prevents it. So your beef is not the culture it Satan himself

How do you relate/reach out to them if you aren't willing to see that their lifestyle is not the issue. Please be careful not to give up on tem because YOU think they are qualified or worthy to be children of God. I'm actually a little scared by this whole dialogue because there appears to be an unwillingness to see these Hip Hip people as valuable assets to the kingdom of God.


I'm not sure of your age or background but you sure remind me of the old guard in the COGIC and Apostolic Faiths...NO ONE WAS GOING TO HEAVEN UNLESS THEY COULD WALK ON HOT CAOLS IN THEIR BARE FEET...



We be a fool if to keep arguing to those who don't see. As far as differences u can say what u want to say just stay in your lane. At the end of day I want to hear job well done my faithful servant
Ok brother what ever you say. I'm just humble my self and drop it cause it's clear. Jesus is not in a box you need to grow spiritually and separate the good and the bad but u never answer me when I was talking bout preachers in my last comment you straight ignore me. so basically u see what u wanna see but when I talk bout the church robbing folk and misleading folks like some do u have nothing to say. god be the glory who ever have ears shall listen


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