I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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Now I do agree on that point.
Glad we agree on something
My Sister, this sort of limited, religious thinking would prohibit you from preaching in many churches. To check the religiousness of this thread, perhaps you should ask Pastors Miller and Hodge if they'd be willing to invite you to preach from their respective pulpits...
Now that is exactly what I am talking about leaders seem to be in a popularity contest instead of wanting to preach the word of God. Now I am not responding to what the sister said just your reply Derrick which indicates that she would not be invited to preach because her views is not wide enough. I remember there is a wide way and a narrow way that means all can get on the wide way but only few get on the narrow way so why should she only be allowed to preach if her views are widely accepted.
Sister Angela, you missed my point. It is the same religious zealots that are opposed to Christian hip-hop that would prohibit an ANOINTED woman from teaching or preaching.
No one here my dear sister has said that. I have not said that Hip hop is better than God's way. What I have said is that God is strong enough, and powerful enough to bring something good out of something that the enemy wanted to use to destroy lives. Have you not read what Joseph said in Genesis when he told his brothers "What you meant for evil God used for good". Since that is a form of God's SOP why should it surprise you that He is still doing it.
When my sister did you gain the power to consign people to hell. When did that fall into YOUR power. Since when is it apropos to refer to those who do not agree with you as demons. Your stance here is not only dangerous but there is no scriptural precedent for it which makes it all the more dangerous.
Because I do not agree with you I am going to hell?? Careful dear sister that you are not judged by the same standards you set.
My dear sister so once again the question is posed, because I do not agree with you and your stance I am "outside the will of God" "on My way to hell" because I do not agree with you?
Which commandments? The Levitical law or the law of love (Mark 12:30-31). We should LOVE sinners while we HATE the sin!
So are you stuck on the title "hip hop" or do you even listen to the message in the music? By their fruit you shall know them. That is why Jesus gives the anointing and not man.

Why are you questioning anointing instead of interceding. Being in ministry is hard enough with the devil and his demons attacking and then in the kingdom you others attacking you because of that foul demon call "tradition".

Jesus said with love and kindness have I drawn you not redicule and questioning. The body of Christ becomes divided because of those "thinking more highly of themselves than they ought to" pointing fingers and turning noses up. You may question but what happens when the prayers of that one being question is the prayer that keeps you from harm.
I pray that you will one day realize how nonexegetical you are become. Using the word of God as a weapon to beat people down, and to scare them into submission is a form of witchcraft. I hope you get some instruction before you become more abusive.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

19 For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more. 20 And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law; 21 To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law. 22 To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. 23 And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.
No reply necessary, just study
I Corinthians 9:19-23

Blessings to you and your fiance'

Minister B-Nard


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