I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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I agree it's a "form" of poetic expression but that kind of expression (Hip Hop) I believe has its place but not in the House of God.

Music should agree with God’s Word and be understandable to all (1 Corinthians 14:7-9, 14-15;
Colossians 3:16; Revelation 5:12-13). It should bear the fruit of the Spirit [which] is love,
joy, peace…gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

I believe that we as christians need to first of all seek God about what he would like. I did not like rap or hip hop music at all. But one day my son let me listen to music he recorded about his life and he simply shared Gods word and how God turned his life around using rap style. It's funny how we can allow Pastors and church members to live unholy lives and sneak around and not be acountable ,but because of man made tradition talk about what you won't allow. First we should understand that we are the church. The church is not the building you worship in. I am not saying that everything should be accepted. I am simply saying that God gives many different gifts. The youth are using this because it is what they relate to. If the traditons of men shut these children out . God will deal with you. Just like in the congregation of Israel God had to allow the stiffnecked people to die out before the children of Israel could enter the promiseland. Pride has no place in the kindom.
NO! Hip Hop by its very nature is ungodly! I have watched as the "Church" allowed into there ranks and more often than not I have seen the young people follow the Music right out the door and the left Jesus sitting in the pews; not one of those churches tht I saw had any long term benefit and the young people (because in part) there was no bold contrast to the world said "why by the counterfiet rap when I can buy the real thing and left the Church! As far as Pastors living unholy lives...that's no excuse and they are wrong too! Teach the Word of God! Preach the Word of God! Sing onto the Lord a new song! not the remix of the worlds addoration of the wickedness! Peace and blessings.
The spirit behind wordly hip hop is what is ungodly.Also the lyrics. We allow christian hip hop in our ministry not just to target youth but because it is what they understand. Once they enter in we also speak ,teach and preach the word not an ear tickling word either. There are a lot of gospel songs that have remixes from worldly music. Funny we still use those in the church. I am not here to argue just want to let people know that I am seeing youth turn to God thru not just the hip hop but the preached word. It not the music alone but allowing God to move in our earthen tabernacles.
Lahry,after seeing that same video and listening to my pastor,I agree with them TOTALLY!
The issue I have with G Craige Lewis is the following. He will not answer questions with regard as to how he obtained his position. 2. He offers no accountability for himself, who is his pastor? what church is he out of ? He accuses others of being in it for the money, and yet he wants you to if you play his video for a church group collect an offering and send it to him.... I know of no other minister of the gospel who does such a thing. He will not answer questions with regard to his stance nor will he explain how it is that he has come by even "personal " information with regard to the artists he stands against. Once again an Apostle who I spoke with, in regard to this said to me, " A person who will not answer basic questions about their belief system is a person with something to hide". Those of us who preach the gospel know full well that to take a stance to where we are afraid to answer basic questions about what we preach, how we preach, and why we preach, is not only dangerous, it is folly. I have seen some of his presentation, and without a doubt there is a lot of substance there. However there is much innuendo, a few terminological inexactitudes (See Winston Churchill). He needs to clear that up. Any pastor who has this man who gives no account for himself in their pulpit dishonors themselves and the responsibility they have towards their people.
G. Craige Lewis runs a finger-pointing ministry; one whose purpose is neither to edify the body of Christ nor to disciple anyone, rather, it is dedicated to tearing down anyone and anything contrary to his view of scripture. Very dangerous, indeed.
Once again the issue here is that there is a group with itching ears. Instead of getting out there doing the research, doing the legwork and actually learning, here comes Craige Lewis who basically comes in the role of the old man who promises to rid your church of vermin. But tell me at what costs? Where does he come from? What is his background? Who was, is his pastor? Who is he accountable to, because if he ministers to what jurisdiction does he report to. There is nothing like a preacher that comes out on his own, who serves no pastor, That is a mess. Pastors would you allow one of your members to go out and preach without any accountability? Who is this man's pastor, what school did he go to? Pastors have we gotten so far as to believe that we are beyond accountability? Even the Apostles of the first century church were accountable to each other. They talked to each other, and yet it appears as some of you allow this man passage into your churches, allow him to set up shop behind pulpit just because he gives voice to something that you think is right, and yet I would dare say that many of you have not even done the research on this man or his research to know for yourselves to know that what he preaches is truth. This man does not allow questions to be asked of him, be reasonable pastors does that even make sense to you?? he has said that one of the artists who has since died, was found dead looking like they did in a photograph that was taken of them before their death. Issue with that is that that was an impossibility, had anyone done any legwork this would have been known and the question would be if he lied about that, what else has he lied about.... There is no innuendo in God, there is only truth. Come on pastors, you were called to think and to lead.
Lewis' "ministry" is full of finger-pointing and railing accusations. There is a spirit of divisiveness that permeates his "work" that nearly destroyed a ministry of which I was once an associate pastor.
This is not a serious issue or topic of discussion to rant & rave about. Why? It is plain & simple, as the senior pastor of your particular church, you will make whatever decision that you want. The mistake you are making is not in posting the question but rather eating from the various tables that may or may not have prepared meals properly. Most of the information you are being served is either raw or spoiled, which of course is not good for you or anyone else for that matter. The constant references to books written by man is not what you need. I direct you to one source..... The Holy Bible.

The Word of God clearly states "there are many operations and administrations but all by the same (Holy) Spirit". This means that no one can put GOD in a box or dictate how HE moves, where HE moves, when HE moves, or who HE uses in HIS moves.

The falsehoods that keep perpetuating through the Body of Christ is that they think the music is sinful when it is GOD who created music. It is the imagination of man who creates the various dances that are demonic in nature.

Here is a challenge..... how many youth do you think will show up or get saved from your church hosting a gospel concert featuring your grandmother's favorite quartet? How many would show up or get saved from the same concert with a Mississippi Mass Choir? Now, how many would show up and get saved at a concert featuring a Canton Jones? Though we can appreciate quartet music, it doesnt carry the same weight as it did in it's time. The same goes for James Cleveland's music and all other artists in their hey-day. Commission had their time, as a group. Now, it is Marvin Sapp's time, Kirk Franklin's time, Israel Houghton's time, Tye Tribbett's time, and Canton Jones time. One day, it too will also pass while another comes forward.

Study your gospel music history. Just as the world evolves, so does gospel music. Thomas Dorsey was fought against until his music was accepted. Then, James Cleveland was fought against until he was accepted. The same with the Clark Sisters & John P. Kee. Now, when Commissioned hit the scene, everything shifted again. They were intensely fought against for having a contemporary jazzy sound. Today, they are highly regarded as one of the best.

This brings me to Hip Hop. If the lyrics & hooks are the Word of God, who cares what kind of music track is being used? I do believe there should be some discretion in the tracks used to insure some of the more worldly sensual songs people are familiar with are NOT utilized. They simply are inappropriate. However, we must remember, the Word of GOD says "he who winneth souls is wise". This applies in all things.... ministering the Word, street ministry, prison ministry, nursing home ministry, and youth ministry.

I will say this..... If the Word of God is not in the song, it is NOT gospel! You can call it inspriational or whatever but do not call it gospel. There must be a "standard" and it must begin & end with the Word of God. As pastors, we are charged to be standard-bearers, but not to the point of quenching the spirit and causing stagnation in growth. Be careful and have a preview of what is to be performed then follow GOD's instructions on what to do next.


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