I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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Now, you are showing your lack of understanding. Tattoos & piercings are a totally different subject. As previously mentioned, the Holy Bible is the road map & instruction manual. It clearly states that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and he who defiles it will have to answer for it. Let me preface my next statement by saying that I am not here to express my personal opinions but let it be known that I do NOT see any ministry or testimonial value in tattoos or piercings. I see them as someone putting permanent graffiti on a church building..... (it is just wrong).

The question pertained solely to the utilization of Hip Hop music in the church. Nothing was said or mentioned about decorating a church with a disco ball so get yourself together. Furthermore, the scripture you reference has nothing to do with the question but has everything to do with how one lives their life. The core meaning of the statement is to ensure you are not living a hypocritical lifestyle.

The sole purpose of utilizing Hip Hop music is for BAIT. It is a form of bait the enemy uses to snatch and keep the youth so we have to be wise in our efforts to win the lost. I again must reference the same scripture that says "he who winneth souls is wise" and keep in mind that we must be wise as a serpent and yet harmless as a dove in our ministry outreach efforts. One must be wise to understand that it is not the well that need the great physician but rather those that are sick and by no means are we to compromise our basic purpose of spreading the gospel to the world who are in need of true salvation.

Remember, when Jesus came, he did not come to play games but rather bring a sword to shake up the ritualistic & legalistic pharisees and sadusees while yet showing love to the sinners & meeting them at the point of their need.
Brother Sibley,

Your quotes are understood and respected..... However, there is no new cross. The cross is still the cross.

A.W. Tozer was a well respected man of God and author. However, though his thoughts & theories are important and utilized in many circles today, nothing replaces the Word of God.

I too believe you misunderstand my point. Numbers do not equate a person's level of success. True success lies in your obedience to the mission & purpose GOD sent you here to accomplish. Whether that is to pastor a church, work in Outreach Ministry, or in being a church janitor or usher.

The bottom line is that everyone has their favorite music artists. You have yours, I have mine, etc... I do not have to like yours and vice versa. MUSIC HAS ITS PLACE & PURPOSE. if what you like or what I like has & continues to draw us closer to GOD, it has served it's purpose. If the music ministers or keep you encouraged in bad times or sad times, it has served it's purpose. Do not allow the thoughts and theories of man to cause you to put limits on GOD and what HE does.

Though Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forevermore, there are still different operations and administrations all by the same Holy Spirit. I still hold firmly to the tenants of faith...... and nothing will replace that. One thing is for sure, there is a time & place for everything. The same way how individual revelation & understanding of scripture created denominations, the ways and music choices keep people separated as well.

Bro Sibley,

I am not going to continue this fruitless debate with you because you continue to hold fast to the words of man versus the Words of God. In fact, I am still waiting for you to quote one scripture to support your view. Its as if you do not believe God can fulfill HIS word. "God will take what the enemy meant for bad and make it good."

The Word of God has NOT changed......
The cross has not changed.......
Jesus Christ IS the same yesterday, today & forevermore.....
There are STILL different operations & administrations of GOD being manifest all by the same Holy Spirit.......

Is Country music sinful or a religion? How about Jazz? What about Classical? NO Music is NOT sinful in nature. GOD created music. Man perverts the music as it comes from the intentions of their heart. Until you see & understand the fact that it is not what a person sings, wears or looks that defiles a man..... but rather what is in the heart. Just because you do not like the sound and dress of Hip Hop should not preclude you from reaching out to them. Souls are at stake!

The fight that we all share is with the enemy, Lucifer / satan / the devil. We are fighting his plan to utilize rap music to bring out animalistic tendencies in the youth of the world which cause them not to care about anyone or anything other than themselves. It doesnt matter who they have to step on or step over. They use people to get where they want in life then move on. Today's christian rap artists use the music to first get the attention with the beat then catch the ear with the Word of God in the lyrics. They counter the words of the enemy with the Words of GOD and giving their personal testimony in the songs. They tell of the pits of hell that GOD used someone to meet them at the point of their need...... in jail, in a crack house, on a street corner, or after being shot.

Who are you reaching with your testimony? Are you showing forth the greatest commandment? Are you witnessing or reaching out to anyone?

When Jesus was on earth, he met the people at the point of their need right where they were. He spoke to them & dressed like them in the same fashion. HE was not dressed like, talking like or acting like the Pharisees & Saducees. HIS bait was to eat, drink, walk and talk with them plainly. What kind of bait are you using?

Whether you like it or not, the music they played and sang in biblical times is NOT what is played today. In fact, I can discern the fact that you were not listening to it or was it a drawing force to bring you to Christ. No, you were listening to what you liked at that time. You have your favorite sound, and whether you accept it or not, so does everyone else so be careful not to tell anyone that their choice of music is right or wrong. If you continue to show yourself as ritualistic & legalistic, you will limit your effectiveness to reach others via outreach ministry.

The message of the cross should NOT be compromised or watered down. We must be wise in our outreach ministry efforts because the youth are NOT willingly walking into the church so we must go get them or meet them where they are. Once they receive salvation, the teaching begins. The teaching of how one should dress modestly, the teaching of other works of Christ and the apostles, etc.....

Bishop Dr. J. Tylor Thompson
"...Here is a challenge..... how many youth do you think will show up or get saved from your church hosting a gospel concert featuring your grandmother's favorite quartet? How many would show up or get saved from the same concert with a Mississippi Mass Choir? Now, how many would show up and get saved at a concert featuring a Canton Jones? Though we can appreciate quartet music, it doesnt carry the same weight as it did in it's time. The same goes for James Cleveland's music and all other artists in their hey-day. Commission had their time, as a group. Now, it is Marvin Sapp's time, Kirk Franklin's time, Israel Houghton's time, Tye Tribbett's time, and Canton Jones time. One day, it too will also pass while another comes forward..."

O Lord help you people!!!
" Although I enjoy those listed above, we must remember it's the Word that will keep them, not music. Jesus did not have a choir during his earthly ministry and people were saved. Thelogians say the the Apostle Paul was a very boring preacher, but look at what God accomplished through him. We must not negate the power of the Holy Spirit. Be Blessed! "

Why isnt the church world getting this?
Have we become so entertainment obsessed that we NEED entertainment to bring us to Christ?!?!
Brother Luckett, you hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!

Also, I like that Pastor - he's spicey and he's correct...

Brother how did the church go so wrong?
"...The Pastor reply was that the preacher is not to preach to hear what people want to hear. He is to preach the Word of God. And sometimes the Word is going to convict and correct. You see newview, many people want the warm and fuzzy God. But they don't want the God who convicts, rebukes, corrects and chastises. "

But its for our own good. Its for our inner man. Its for our eternal souls.
What a waste to attend a church that wont concern itself with spiritual matters. What a waste!
Bishop Thompson,
Awesome statement! I wish I'd seen your post earlier! God Bless!

yes ive been taught the gospel means the "good news" of Jesus birth death ascension and coming again. true my brother true

wish you a happy christmas

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