I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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I like Lecrae, Flame, Trip Lee, Everyday Process, and Lunie 380. Out of these guys. Flame & Lunie 380 are my favorites.
God doesn't need the world to win souls! He said if I be lifted up from the earth, I'll draw all men unto me! Song says" Lift him up by living as a christian ought, liet the world in you the savior see. then men will gladly follow him who once taught I'll draw all men unto me!" Gimics may bring people into the " church" but they won't win souls to Christ! Wolves in sheep's clothing are still wolves! Christ doesn;t cure the adict by giving him a substitute drug that has a similar effect! Whom Christ sets free is free indeed! Christ wants to save us from our sin, not in our sin! If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature! He is not the old man with a new covering! It is our hearts and character that will ultimately be judged, and not how many times we say Jesus with our mouths! The best way to win souls is tomeet the needs of the souls and not the flesh
website this www.bedrockgospel.com and listen to a few downloads I truly recommend the song God
The earth is the Lords and the fullness there of and they that dwell therin. When the Winans 1st came out people said their music was too wordly, they say Kirk Franklin is just another hip hop r&b artist taking advantage of the church, When he was in Baltimore city thousands of youth gave their life to Christ. To me thats what counts. If the lyrics are lifting up the Savior then I say get down. Paul said he was able to both be abased and abound he humbled himself in order to win those to Christ. This is the very reason many of our talented christian artists can't make it because we don't support them . Then we wonder why they turn the world to have a career. I close with this thought ( Judge not lest you be judged in the same measure in which ye have judged. Matt:7:1 )
I think "hip-hop" has a place in the church. I don't think it should be a tool for keeping youth in church, rather it MUST be used because it is part of the modern vernacular. Many of the "standard" hymns were written by Isaac Watts, a young man in the 18th century who set biblically-themed lyrics to pub music. Back then, it was considered heresy; today they are "standards." We are not going to win 21st century souls with 18th (or even 20th) century thinking...or music!
Absolutely. But the church should never view this as a way to "grab" them or "keep" them, rather, as you say, using this as a means to relate to today's youth. God Bless You!
Brothers and Sisters;

I have more young people in my Church than adults; I have no Hip Hop, Rapp Crap, Gospel or otherwise in fact I don't even have music! Yet I have more young people (Faithful) in my Church that Grown folks....Go figure God remembered to draw young people without using a satanic muse to do it???!!! wow
Holy Hip Hop Belongs in church...just like all of the other methods of Praise and Worship. the only thing that does not belong in church is habitual sin. and there is plenty of that...too many of us are caught up in Choir robes, the church building,
the offering, who sat next to who and what suit is the preacher wearing...too many of us are about form if it looks a certain way and talks a certain way it must be that .., which is a fundamental lie...check your scripture

John the baptist was a wild man who ate locusts and honey and he dressed funny
Mary was a teenage mother ...that from outward appearances was just a little too fast
Saul -- from outer appearances looked like a good king to Israel...but from Gods Perspective he was bad....and yet
we remember David...who was not by any outward appearances anything decent..yet it is from his lineage that Christ
God in flesh...came from

In short folks..I come from a generation of people who GOD ordained at birth to go and get his sheep who are lost
they are not listening to most churches...and for you regulars of traditional black church...if you can please read and understand the following sentence

People who have been habitual liars...know a liar when they see one...Ex hustlers who have put down the game playing
and are looking for God KNOW a hustler when they see one..my point being some of yall are making us street ministers look bad when we bring in the sheep from darkness and tell them go to this or that church and they get to that church and they do not find the spirit of love and kindness...but instead find the spirit of Contempt and Competition, Gossip, Lying and my favorite Back biting(we call it backstabbing these days) these are the things that God hates and these things we need to kick out of church....not hip hop ...which by the way in around another ten years will be accepted worship in the church...how do I know ...because disco is accepted now...blues is accepted now...just not anything current...and that my friends is the plot of the enemy...

HE WANTS YOUR KIDS DUMMY! and he wants your culture...and he has it...because we refuse to fight back..we refuse to make and support Quality christian music..christian radio acts like nobody is in the studio they play the same records from 1999 when i rededicated my life back to Christ... and anything that sounds old

BY the way holy hip hop volume 8 is out buy it today! peace man! and if you wants some good gospel no rap
musical soulfood volume 1 HOT RECORD
inspiration jamv volume 1 and 2 are good too! catch them all on Itunes or amazon
So are you saying God is incapable of creating a NEW sound to reach a new generation? Are you saying that the only way to reach young people is to remix and old hip hop song and just call it gospel? Are you saying that if Rap, Hip Hop or what ever had never existed than God would be out of business? Your argument that we should accept Hip Hop because some idiot left the door open to blues, rock and roll and other jenres that express Satanic inspiration does not mean that we should continue the practice! You have fornicators and liars in the Church as well, do we now say oh well we may as well condone adultry too...afterall as long as they all "love Jesus" what difference does it make? What was Hip Hop before it was Hip Hop? please help me understand why the devil seems to be so good and created trash to draw people and we seem to be incapable of creating food that draw people! We are supposed to be a CONTRAST to sin not and IMITATION!
.just because this generation calls it hip hop ..does not mean that it did not exist before...what was hip hop before it was called hip hop ...lets take a look back and perhaps we might learn a thing...
do you really believe that all the psalms were sung or were some of them chanted in a reggae style or cadence...

The church you seem to be speaking of is culture based and not God based the ..reason I state that is because as a worshipper at heart I seek to worship the Lord in all his majesty...I find no separation between myself and God whether I worship him with any form that music might take...its music its notes...if I play them one way or another...what you are speaking on is culture...it is a style of music.,..I work with musicians who pray before they work on a composition...they pray to God and then they play...therefore the music itself is something dedicated to God...if you try to tell me that it is evil...I would say show me in the word....and you and I would find ...nothing evil about a style of music....if it was it would be there...in the word...do not speak over any music for it is evil before the Lord...it would say
do not play rhythms of a certain nature because that is also evil before God... it does not say that
in fact it says to sing him a new song ...and it indicates we should Love the Lord with all your heart and mind...with that said...question...when you go to church and sing that song...do you mean it or are you just copying the minister....if you dont ...I say you should sing/rap as you are able to ..a new song to the Lord and let him know what you think of him and all that he has done...

ps.. you guys give WAAAY more worship/credit to a fallen being that we should have no communication nor fellowship with deserves.... the Bible speaks explicitly to the fact that Isreal was blessed and Balaam although a prophet could not curse them he could only say what the Lord commanded..Satan had to ask God permission to mess with Job and could only do what God let him...result...satan only does what God lets him do on this earth...he is a defeated foe lets act and talk like it.
Music has a powerful energy to it.... and that is why we are "moved" to sometimes have joy, peace, be uplifted, or even cry because of the powerful "vibration energy" that music has on our being. With this said, Hip-Hop instrumentally, if presented with the right vibe… a "Spirit" of God and/or "Good" (which is the same).... can be a GREAT thing to have as part of a ministry…. when the words and music are in sync with God’s word and Spirit.

BUT, if the music is "dark" and puts out a negative vibration or energy (regardless of the words), it would be inconsistent with being a positive "light" or an anointed influence on a person's spirit ... so in the “darker” or chaotic vibe… it would not belong.

I know quite a bit about this, as I have worked in Film, Video Game music and TV as a composer and producer. I understand the power of music…and it’s influence on people’s being. I also work with many of the world’s greatest music producers and songwriters…and they would tell exactly the same thing. Actually – we have had this discussion many times.
I agree with you; Bro. Jones, coming from a family of musicians, song writers and singers, play writers, actors, actresses etc., I have first hand knowledege of the power of song and the influence of the muse. Yes, sing unto the Lord a new song, Where in the Word did it say that Hip Hop was the "New" Song in fact I can show where he says to SHUN the very appearence of evil...meaning if it even looks like evil; leave it alone!

My question remains; why is it that Gospel artist find it so hard to ask God to give them a sound all there own...Why do we continue to wait for Satans kids to create music for us to copy?

Just changing the words really won't make the sound holy...


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