Hello everyone. Well im new to this group and wanted to know how can you stay so focus. Iam a single mother of 3 girls and with life kids and a full time jobs sometimes things gets over whelming and I just wanna give up. I work so hard but seems like I never get ahead there is always something that comes up. I do go to chruch but haven't gone in a long while, I have been off and on since I was young but when I do go I don't feel like I belong I feel out of place like everyones eyes are on me. I wanna finally feel peace in my life I worry to much about the littlest thing and wanna stop that, cause I know I have been blessed I have alot more then some people do. Just here to get some advice steer myself back in the right direction and build more self confidence.

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First I wanna tell you,I'n no angel and I'm not a Holy Roller. I'm saved and filled with the Holy GhostOk This may sound funny but here goes. You need to save your money if you haven't saved money already. Take that money and go on vacation. It will do you a world of good for you and your kids. Me myself I LOVE FLORIDA! So with that being said get out and go!
I Genuine,

Everyone of us will sometimes feel overwhelmed, and at every corner it seems that there is never enough. During these times, it is easy to focus on the problem instead of the solution.

In the Bible story when Peter wanted to walk out on the water where Jesus was, he experienced the same thing. While his focus was on his destination (Jesus), he was fine. It was only when a storm came that he became distracted and overwhelmed, that he took his eyes off Jesus and began focusing on things he could do absolutely nothing about.

He couldn't do anything about a storm or harsh winds... But instead of focusing on the solution, he became overwhelmed and began to sink.

My friend, you admittedly have been out of fellowship with your local church. I encourage you to restore your fellowship, not only with your church, but with God. Your local church is where you can learn about how to apply the Word of God to your life. But, when you go...go for HIM not them! Those who make you feel uncomfortable, are doing so to hid their flaws. They attempt to appear perfect, but the Bible says..."All have sinned, not Ya'll have sinned".

If you we really sick and went to the emergency room, would you care if the other patients in the waiting room were looking at you funny? I hope not. The patients don't have a clue, the doctor has the prescription. Go to church to see Jesus.

Christ has his hand out to you today, that is why you reached out to us. Please catch his hand! The story of Peter's dilemma ends this way... Jesus reached out and picked Peter up out of the water.... Peter was really close for Jesus to just reach out.... not run, not jump in, .... just reach. That's how close you really are. Please, catch his hand and "DONT GIVE UP!

Lastly, you mentioned you haven't gone to church in a while. There is another story.... Jesus was about 12, and Mary and Joseph went a days journey before discovering that Jesus was not with them. They looked amongst family and friends that were traveling with them, and they didn't know where he was either. 3 days later they found him back at the temple where they left him.

The point is this... It took them 1 day to loose him, and 3 days to find him. When you are out of church fellowship, it becomes easier each week not to go... and then when you are looking for the answer we look to friends, family, even perfect strangers (like me)... when the answer is where you left him... At Church.

I hope, my friend that you become committed and focused. Don't focus on the problems, focus on the solution and you will get exactly where you need to go.

My prayers are for you and the girls, that God does more for you than you could ever expect..

Pastor John H Young
i want to encourage you that first of all you will make it god has your back second you need to find out why you struggle with commitment is this something that runs in your family. plus your carrying the weight and not god it is your weakness that are working against you holding you back also you could be dealing with soul ties from people places and things why you can't just plant your feet on solid ground take time get before the lord and talk to him and he will speak because he has been waiting for you don't let satan discourage you take it one day at a time if you continue in the state your in your going to fall back form the lord and i don't want that to happen push pass how you fell cry out to god and he will send you help. My prayer for is god will put his labors in your path and lead you to the church that would help you i bind every assignment that has been sent against you i cancel every mandate and declared the strongholds of the devil to be broken off your life father i pray for her mind and i cast down those negative thoughts coming against it i loose the spirit of depression oppression and fear of her now let her go in the name of jesus now my sister walk in your freedom and seek god in jesus name amen.


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