Now that I got your attention.

My name is Minister Gerald Palmer of Kansas City, Missouri and I am concerned about our people.

I am concerned where we are headed.

I chose the title of this forum for a reason; first to get you here and two to make a point.

And the point is that we are killing our people. Our people includes our gay black brothers and our lesbian sisters. Mainly our gay brothers. For decades the black church has grown from the talents of our brothers as we had a don't ask don't tell policy. Now we have up the ante as we are increasing the de-sissying of the Church (I actually heard a pastor say this). We use Words like faggots, sissies and dykes from the pulpit as the congregation goes wild with Amens. But underneath it all somebody is hurting. Somebody in that congregation is hiding the fact that if the preacher only knew what they did last night or what they thought about doing the night before that, they would be considered a sissy or a faggot.

This forum is not one to argue hermanuetics or theologies or even if you think that homosexuality is a sin. My soul cries out to my people.

Our gay brothers have been told that they are going to hell but they are catching hell here from us.

They ask for love but we show them disdain.

They ask for peace but we give them our morality war.

They ask to be treated like the Children of God that they are and yet we treat them like demonic beings.

We want the White man to respect us and treat us like first class citizens and yet we don't even treat our own like we wanted to be treated.

We talk about unity and one in Christ but we forgot to add the * which denotes straight folk only.

I long for a day when we truly operate under AGAPE.

Please add to this discussion however The Lord leads you!!

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If a preacher is calling a homosexual a faggot, or sissy, or dyke, from over the pulpit then he is wrong, especially if he is not calling the fornicator a slut, or a tramp. ( Im not advocating either I just making a point) These things should not be done. But we must be careful also not to just allow them to sit within the congregation and believe that there lifestyle is okay. ITS NOT! Wethere its a homosexual lifestyle or a life style of promiscuity within the heterosexual community it all needs to preached against! God is not pleased! But as you say everything needs to be done decently and with love.
A Fag is a fag
I wouldn't call a homosexual my"brother".For Jesus said :Who is my Mother ?who Is my brother?Not less you are born again are you in a relationship with me .No kin. I am quite sure a homosexual is not born again.Especially a transsexual.

Jesus Christ lead and guide thy servant through this without condemnation and judgements. Father my desire is that souls will be saved and delivered from SIN. Help us as a people to spread the love of God through our actions, mannerisms, responses, our very life. We as God's people want Him to get the glory and the praise in all we say and do when it is all said and done. Will God be glorified, will He be pleased or does the glory go to mankind? Let God be EXALTED and let every man a liar. Will God be pleased if souls are not saved? Will He be pleased if SIN is not repented of? God is a God of liberty and not bondage. For whom the Son makes free he is free indeed. Sin is bondage and whatever comes under sin MUST be repented of whatever guise it comes under. God is love and if love is not in the equation it is not of God. May the blessings of Abraham be upon the people of God to extend LOVE to the masses as they come to Him in repentance of SIN. I pray this is not too round about but directly from the heart of God. To God be the glory.


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