Anyone who thinks God “took out” Pastor Zachery Tims “because of his sin,” probably ought to be looking over their own shoulder. You see, God is not a murderer (check out Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — who did Jesus kill?). Everyone will give an account of their lives: those who are in Christ will do so before the Judgment Seat of Christ, and those who are outside of Him will do so before the Great White Throne Judgment. I am absolutely tired of these self-righteous “christians” who are quick to pass judgment on someone when they, too, walk around with the sin that so easily besets them.

Instead of throwing stones, we should be collectively mourning the loss of a General of the faith and praying for the four young children surviving Pastor Tims. We should also collectively “pump our brakes,” rather than jumping to conclusions about what led or contributed to his demise.

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Good bless you! I'm from the old school, but do not act or believe the wasysome of the "older Saints believed.  I was saved at the age of 17.  There were times in my life when I had to repent.  Everything has not been peaches and cream.  My Daughter knew Pastor Tims and so did her Pastor.  Quite a person he was.  Be encouraged!



Thank for your comments, Sister Apostle. Stay Blessed!

Brother Watson, maybe Bishop Day had noticed how some organs of the larger Christian media, like Charisma magazine and The Christian Post, were already reporting on Tims death with the most negative spin. Of course, those sources probably had doctrinal disagreements with the teaching at New Destiny to begin with, so they may have been disposed to presume the worst. Personally, I still have some trepidation about what has been reported, since the quotes from the unnamed "law enforcement officials" seem to all emanate from The New York Post or The Wall Street Journal. Those two organs of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp are just not credible in my eyes (especially since the scandals involving Murdoch's British tabloids).


Nonetheless, we will all know in a couple of weeks, once the NYC coroner makes his final report, whether Zachery Tims died because of illegal drug use. No matter how talented a preacher he was, that revelation would taint my memory of him (if for no other reason than it would be another black eye for the church at large).

Brother Gill,

Thank you for your comments. The coroner's report will not change my opinion of the man, as we are all cracked pots. I do not aim to judge the man; God will take care of that. What I do know is that the fruit of his ministry speaks for itself. Souls have been saved, the sick have been healed, the oppressed have been delivered, and folks in poverty have moved to self-sufficiency. Believers in Dr. Tims church were challenged to grow in the knowledge of God and to go and make disciples. I'm not saying the man was perfect (none of us are), rather, that we all have our faults.



Bishop Day


Rev. Watson,

My response will be the same. He was still a great man of God but a man nonetheless. All of us have frailties and "the sin" that so easily besets us. I chalk this up - and will not change my mind - to the enemy having lobbed a grenade into the tent of the saints. And God is not "striking anyone down;" check out Isaiah 53:5.



Bishop Day

Lord knows I've always loved Pastor Tims and his wife.  I didn't even know they were divorced.  I had been seeing him on TBN, but just thought he was hosting.  But I just want to say, we better stop acting like somebody else is JUDGING.  No one is judging but God.  God ALREADY judged.  He say in His WORD "the wages of sin is death".  We can choose life, we so call IDOLATRY worshippers better stop leading people astray and tell the TRUTH.  God cannot dwell in sin, Jesus died, so that He could rise again and His spirit which is Holy will dwell in those who believed and OBEY.  If you don't keep His commandments you are of your father the DEVIL that is in the Word of God.  Stop acting like people are judging, GOD judges and I am sad that Pastor Tims along with al lot of others who God say will be saying I know you not whence yea are, depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.  Please STOP breaking the 2nd commandment, the graven images of this all loving and forgiving God.  God warns us in His Word, He is a God of wrath and tell us the Wages of SIN IS DEATH!  And I am not being self-righteous, God tells me in His word, I am suppose to tell my brothers the TRUTH even if it convicts and cuts me.....doesn't matter.  God is the same today, yesterday and forever.  He does not change for NOBODY.  he is not the God of who does good, He is the God of those who OBEY Him.


In Love, Sis. Denise

I'll say it as the Lord Jesus said it, let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

Sister Denise,

Thank you for letting God be the Judge of this matter. Be blessed!



Bishop Day

We have a propensity to throw stones to move attention away from our deficiencies. If WE cannot be transparent, do not plant "bad" seed, then when it's harvest time on OURS pray for a "crop failure". Not gonna happen! When we find ourselves in situations that God is not pleased with and He has warned us about, we need to address them immediately. We need to go through the necessary process. All of it. We will not progress until we process.


Thank you for your wise input. Praise God there are men of God out there who will allow the Just Judge to do the judging!



Bishop Day

When I read our post, including mines what are we talking about?  I thought it was SIN...sin is sin and it has already been judged by God.  The wages of sin is DEATH.  Eternal life only is for those who believe and OBEY.  Not for those who believe,  The devil believe and TREMBLE, because he already have experienced eternal damnation.  Lord, we better stop playing with God.  Jesus say those without sin cast the first stone, trying to make the people show some love, but HE DID NOT EXCUSE THE WOMAN of her sin, He blessed her with forgiveness and told her go and sin NO MORE.  Best believe everyone He told that too the end result was one of two things....they did it again or REPENTED.  Jesus gave NO ONE a license to be disobedient, He informed them about the wages of sin and the Word of God warns us still today.  His word has never changed nor has His love nor has His punishments to those who disobey.  Make no mistake, God don't tolerate NO KIND OF SIN....He proved that with His Only Begotten while He hung on the cross, who was sinless, until the He took the sins of the world upon Him.  Yes, Jesus died for our sins, that we should be sinless.  We can live a holy life when we study and get the mind of God in us.  But when we refuse and disobey, we fall into sin.  If God has all this POWER you don't think He has given you the POWER that He promised.  He gave us power to tread on serpents and scorpions.  He said resist the devil and he WILL flee, the problem is we like entertainment,.  It has gotten to the point that people have forgot what thus saith the LORD and have been entertained into believing LIES.  We got to stop this nonsense, God isn't pleased, He is coming back for a unspotted church, do you think He said that because it is not unspotted believers.  THERE ARE and God know who they are and if you are not one of them, REPENT ask for forgiveness and live holy and you can be apart of that church.  Other than that, in hell you will lift up your eyes and believen that.,.there is a hell, because Jesus went there took the keys and took the sting out of death, it is in His Word.  Stop acting like God hasn't warned us, READ His word, Obey it and you will be in the number if not, it WAS YOUR CHOICE,  Choose God while He can be found.


Oh, don't get it twisted.  God is not coming BACK to judge sin....He has done that...thats what Christ died for our SINS.  He is coming back to judge whether you lived according to His word.  Which is righteous....right standing with Him, because He tell you what to do in His Word, His word is the SAME it has never changed.  OBEY...OBEY.,,,,OBEY  Isreal was always going back to their wickedness and people are the same today and God has always punished them too.  We must tell one another the truth, especially if we say we are HIS.




In Love, Sis. Denise

Rev. Watson, I am no subscriber to the cult of personality. I have no ministerial relationship with Dr. Tims or his ministry. All I'm saying is I've met the man and many who are or have been in his ministry and can bear witness to the fruit. If the toxicology results come back positive, it will simply say that he experienced a lapse in judgment that gave the devil access to kill him. I will still not cast stones at him.



Bishop Day


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