Horoscope, tara cards, palm & fortune telling readings do we as Christians understand.

Do we understand that the people that perform these readings or provide this information seek demonic , physic powers  from the occult for this information, If we profess Christianity , why would we want to hear from the devil. This all seem innocent & harmless. Saul consulted a medium , some one operating in demonic powers for answers when the Spirit of the Lord had left him for answers. and it cost him greatly .Read 1 Samuel 28th Chapter verse 1 to 25.Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 6 & Psalms Chapter 19 verse 1. We also have to be prayerful & discerning in Church to know the Spirit of the Prophet & The Prophetess to know the Spirit they many be operating in, if its a Pure Godly Spirit. Comments welcomed.

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Great & True Comments. We need to be Prayeful about Prophets & Prophetess in the Church as well. We need to be very Prayerful & Discerning that They are Speaking & operating out of a Pure True Spirit of The Lord.We believe in all the Ministry Gifts & All of The Bible. The Word Of God tells us to know them that Labor amongst us.

If a believer is fully cloth with a great gift of DISCERNING of spirit and have the armour of GOD on the right way,and standing In a holy place the HOLY GHOST will detected the error of prophet/ess.we as believers need to rid our self of everything that defiled,then we won't be easely fooled.[Hebrews 12:1; 1 Corinthians 7:1]  the bible is our guide to determine our days,months and years. thanks to you Dr.Marietta Brown for the discussion. 


Thanks for all of your comments.
Thanks for all of your comments. Lets continue the Discusion. Want to hear from you all.
The Occult & devil is taking over the airwaves thru radio, television. The internet,books. magazines , movies an many pulpits because Churches & Pastors  want to copy Mega Churches that have paid there prices and God has Blessed & promoted. .to be big, famous and have a lot of money.
At the subconscious level all minds communicate telepathically.  The subconscious communicates with feelings.  Our conscious mind allows us to rationalize but our feelings come from the subconscious and the subconscious gets input from the entire universe.  A person with a strong ego dominates the internal dialogue and hears nothing form the largest part of the brain that is beyond the control of humans.  That is the subconscious part that looks after the beating of your heart and the healing of your body and all kinds of things we are only just beginning to understand.  It is controlled by the God spirit that lives in every one of us.


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