what does that mean to you ? I want too know others perspective of that scripture .... Me being young I see it as me going to church seeking God but then someone I talk to they want to be with me but what keeps me from being with them is that they not seeking God like I want them to , and I see it as if their not seeking God how are we going to agree on things ...

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The answer to that question my sister lies in the proper interpreation of that scripture, if you are trying to determine if you should be unequally yoked with someone that scripture is not the one that will aid you in making that decision. Your relationship with some significant other should be based on your walk, and theirs. If a man is not willing cover you as God has not doubt covered you, then there will never be any agreement in that relationship. Yours in Christ Jesus Dr.Steven McGee
ok Thanks .....
The yoke is a device borne across the shoulders of two to assist in carrying a burden. Yokes are symbolic of relationships and burdens are symbolic of purpose. Holy Spirit enacts covenant relationships (yokes) to fulfill a common purpose (burden). An unequal yoke is whats commonly known as a soul tie; this is a relationship formed outside of the leading of the Spirit.

My advice would be to allow Holy Spirit to form the relationships in our life. These relations will always be fruitfull and longlasting to fulfill God's purposes.


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My dear brother Watson well said regarding allowing the Holy Spirit to form relationships, however I would find just one issue with your literal and definition of the word "yoke." A yoke is not a device borne about the shoulders to assist in carrying a burden, it is a device borne across the shoulders to harness the power of two or three different beast of burden allowing them to pull, push, or labor in concert with each other. The burden is born by those that are yoked. Simply said it keeps everyone tied together for the same purpose. In a symbolic sense, being unevenly yoked gives the inference that carnal and spiritual will always go in different directions just the same as night and day. The hell-bound and Holy should never be yoked together, as they will NEVER work in concert with each other, no more than bitter water and sweet running from the same fountain. Dr. Steven McGee
Well said Dr McGee!

Divinely inspired relationships go beyond saved, unsaved, carnal and uncarnal. Salvation and even spiritual maturity is not enough for the development of significant relationships. The key component is purpose. Two or more individuals may be saved, sanctified and filled with Holy Spirit but not ordained to labor together for a common purpose.

The word used for "unequally yoked" is heterozugeo in the Greek. Hetero is used in modern day English to mean "different" or "other". Zugeo refers to the yoke which is the literal wooden beam attached to a pair of oxen. Heterozugeo means different or other yokes. In Biblical times there were three different forms of yokes used; Head Yoke, Neck Yoke and Withers (shoulder) Yoke. The decision of which yoke to use was made based upon the type of work (purpose) and the physical make up of the beast (design).

Through the understanding of the terminology and phraseology used in scripture we can determine its true intention and meaning. Our Farmer (Father God) chooses our yokes (relationships) according to our spiritual make up and ministry (purpose). Father God will never yoke us with people that can not compliment what He has placed in our spirit. These decisions are made by man from the soul (soul tie) and not from the spirit. When we do enact these relationships, down the road we eventually realize that the individual (saved or unsaved, carnal or uncarnal) have a different yoke and we can never pull in His direction.

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