Ask yourself are you truly doing the will of God completely
What Are the signs of knowing that you are doing his will completely

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Greetings Sister may I respond to your most interesting question.
1. We know we are doing God's will when people comes first. The first sign of a call from God is when we are in ministry for the people and not for self gain, recognition or self promotion. (Mark 1:17)
2. We know we are in God's will when we adhere to the apostles doctrine and conform our message to the pattern and plan found in the early church in Acts. (Acts 2:42)
3. We know we are in God's will when fight for the faith once delivered, which was delivered once and for all. This should be our assignment in ministry and the world (Jude 3).

Just three short thought provokers. Thank you for allowing me to reply. The Lord bless you always
Brother Paul

Wow I like that response .Thanks for replying to the questions and I pray we can fellowship more .


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