We are called to love everyone just the way they are. In the past white thelogians use biblical text to teach hatred to the laity. In the parable of the marriage feast the call we to invite. How do we invite or do you invite gay people without telling them they are wrong. If we judge them we violate the Matthew 7:1-3 perhaps. Just wanted your thoughts. Not being judgmental but instrumental. As Dr. King would say an instrument of peace.
Thank you for sharing in advance and remember with are Christian "words are powerful'...:)

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No man can come unto the Father except HE DRAWS THEM. A friend of the world is the enemy of God. You need to stop twisting scripture in defense of Homosexuality. Where did I say I hate them? You are the liar not me.
No, my friend we are going to deal with the topic at hand you can insult me and lie on me later.
Do you see the scripture I just posted?
YOU lied and twisted a scripture to prove a lie NOW you want to say that I am defending homosexuality?
Show me where I defended homosexuality?
How can I say that Jesus is Lord of my life, that He freed me from the sin of homosexuality and defend it?
Do you see the sense in defending something that I saw and see as sin and prayed to be freed from? Why would I have gotten saved and prayed for deliverance if I agreed with it?
Try again my friend, try again.
Let's get back to the topic at hand.
You biased judgment of homosexuals AND your twisting of scripture.
Trying to upset me won't work lol I'm also free from church folk and their self-righteous insults, comments and judgments.
So, are you telling me that this scripture I posted here and explained to you is wrong?
Are you saying that what Paul has told us to do i regards to rebuking sin the church is wrong?
Are you saying that because I choose to follow scripture and not man's doctrine I am a friend of the world?
YOU tried to twist scripture. I didn't.
I merely explained to you where you were wrong and now you've gotten all upset lol!!!
Why is that?
Is it because you are a lying deceiver?!
Dude, you can have this conversation all by yourself now. I don't have time to argue with you about THE SIN OF HOMOSEXUALITY. I have better things to do with my time. I will stop following this discussion now because I am tired of people saying that you hate gays because you tell the truth. Believe what you want to because I take God at his word. Arrivederci
Lol I knew you'd tuck your tail and run hahahaaaa!!!
I'm not argumentative at all so how was I arguing with you?
Am I being accused of being argumentative because I challenged your beliefs?
I Peter 3:15, "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"
Is this not the very Word of God?
This scripture tells us that we should be READY to give an answer (defend) every person that asks a reason for the hope (in what believe) and we are to do this with meekness AND fear.
Is this how you approached this?
There is a difference between giving the TRUE Word of God and the mess you tried to peddle as the Word of God- KNOW the difference.
this simple we must not judge so we wont be judge however we have to stop running people away with are personall opions about them and then start preaching about it we must allow the word of god to clean them and not to badger them they already no what they are doing and what they are and we must wait on god to delivery them and the only way i no how to do it is to grab the horns of the alter and cry out to god with homosexuals we must take the cruch away with lesibans we must take the cruch away and preach minister speak holliness and deliverance to them
You don't empower Gay members, you show them in the Bible that it is an abomination to be homosexual, and if they want to continue to be an abomination, they must leave the Church, and go before the world. If you don't want to do what the Lord says, it could hurt the entire congregation.
God created human beings with his image, God created man, male and female (Gen.1:28). He never said any thing related to heterosexuality or homosexuality. If homosexuality is a sin, heterosexuality is a sin as well. So if heterosexuality caused by genes, homosexuality caused by genes also. some people belief that homosexuality is an enviromental influence and heterosexuality is also caused by environmetal factor. When a child born, born with ability to do things but learn how to do things. That means a child born with ability of homosexuality or heterosexuality behavior but how to practice that behavior they learnt how to practice homosexuality or heterosexuality.

I am straight but I have no right to judge other people. Heterosexuals think that God is a God of heterosexuals only, that is why they use their God to oppress other people. But I do not think that God of everybody is a cruel God. God is love.
Do you read your bible? Homosexuality is a filthy sin just like any other and those who commit such things without repentance will find themselves in hell. It doesn't matter how you feel about it, the scripture has already told us how God feels about it and he HATES IT. You can only empower people with the word of God. All of this don't judge stuff is ludicrous. Preaching what thus saith the Lord is not judging. Can you see two men locked up together when Jesus returns being raptured from that position? Put your personal feelings aside, the truth is what it is regardless to how you feel about it. Get a Grip people before every ounce of goodness disappears from this country.
"...But I do not think that God of everybody is a cruel God. God is love..."

Yes, God is love and full of mercy and when He comes back - its to judge those that partook of abominable sin and refused to repent of their abominable sin.
And then you know who else is gonna be judged by God - those that told them it was OK to partake of their abominable sins Or sat by and said nothing.

The bible TELLS us to judge with righteous judgment.
How do you empower pedophile members without being judgmental?
Hey Newview,
HaHa. I'll one up you. How do you empower murderers without being judgmental? Since we are called to love, shouldn't we just love them and pray for them until the desire to kill people is gone?

That's for you Pastor. It seems like church folk think homosexuality is a SPECIAL sin and that no one should speak of it. I find that funny. Not really.


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