We are called to love everyone just the way they are. In the past white thelogians use biblical text to teach hatred to the laity. In the parable of the marriage feast the call we to invite. How do we invite or do you invite gay people without telling them they are wrong. If we judge them we violate the Matthew 7:1-3 perhaps. Just wanted your thoughts. Not being judgmental but instrumental. As Dr. King would say an instrument of peace.
Thank you for sharing in advance and remember with are Christian "words are powerful'...:)

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It's just so funny that after months of not really being on here, you can comeback and see the same old silly questions and in some cases even sillier responses.

What kind of empowerment do you need to give them?
The best Empowerment that you can give them is the Torah way (that's another subject).

If the so-called NT says that believers are to use the word to Rebuke (is that judging) Reprove (is that Judging) and Exhort (that does not sound like judging to me....

Why are you all so afraid to point out sin TO the person? Your responsibility is the teach IN SEASON or OUT OF SEASON..Many of you will have another persons BLOOD on your heads because you refuse to tell the truth. Yah hates sin period!! People are on here talking about if and how to empower SINNERS? What is wrong with that picture..

You all love to quote "Hate the sin love the sinner" junk but yet that quote comes from a heathen who worships a false deity. HMMMMMMM!!!! Now it makes scene....

That quote comes from a man who practiced Hinduism, which means his G-d was Krishna...This G-d has the same story as your JC...hmmm no wonder you quote that....and it is no place found in the scriptures. You have these silly questions and the same people out here to defend the sinner to continue sinning (especially when it comes to this sin).

How can you help Haiti? Now Chile. The world is crumbling right in front of you and this is what you can think about?

It's a shame it's a crying same...

great response
Empower?? Empower them to do what? I can speak for my self that I don't teach hatred. I have read what so many have written and I find it all interesting. I place homosexuality as sin and as a woman of God I yet preach and teach biblical principles (The Bible) as I would with alcoholics, dope dealers, prostitutes and so on and so forth. I love them all and with the leading of the Lord He empowers me to preach to the lost and teach the saved. The word is powerful some will come and stay and some the Word will drive away (paraphrasing) because it sharper than any two edge sword (smile). All I can go on is what the scripture says and that the common people heard Him gladly so where does this leaves us. My opinions are not worth all the tea in China so I simply believe God. Now after saying all that just keeping it real God would have to strengthen me if there be male or female homosexuals over the young boys or girls. Not in God's house. Watch as well as pray (smile). What about wicca witches, one tried to join my church. Whew that's another story and God got the victory!! Watch as well as pray.


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