We are called to love everyone just the way they are. In the past white thelogians use biblical text to teach hatred to the laity. In the parable of the marriage feast the call we to invite. How do we invite or do you invite gay people without telling them they are wrong. If we judge them we violate the Matthew 7:1-3 perhaps. Just wanted your thoughts. Not being judgmental but instrumental. As Dr. King would say an instrument of peace.
Thank you for sharing in advance and remember with are Christian "words are powerful'...:)

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They will KNOW homosexuality is wrong when you FIRST get all of those homosexuals that preach and sing to you and get you all happy and overjoyed sat down- THAT is how they'll know its wrong.
I grew up in the church, born and raised, been reading the Bible since I was old enough to read and yet tried to live a saved life and be a homosexual BECAUSE I saw homosexuals preaching, teaching, singing and speaking in tongues and AND THE SAINTS (or so I thought) GOING IN WITH THEM!!!
So, if you want homosexuality to be looked at as a sin then treat it as oe in the house of God.
STOP ordaining homosexuals/lesbians to preach and teach the people of God.
STOP allowing homosexuals to stand before your people leading praise and worship, as music ministers, choir presidents and psalmists.
STOP covering these homosexuals/lesbians when you KNOW they are living messy lives.
You can't tell me homosexuality is wrong and you screamin', dancin' and upholding the wrong of a KNOWN homosexual.
I have looked at some of these profile pages and some of the favorite preachers and singers on these profile pages are just as gay as a pink picnic basket but some you on THIS site are in here speaking against homosexuality but also upholding it by continuing to support them.
Jesus said how can a house divided against itself stand?
You either are against something or you are for it but you can't have it both ways.
How do you know someone is homosexual unless they tell you? If we didn't let people sing and preach and ordain people just because we thought that there was some type of sin in their life, no one would be a member of Black Preaching Network. None of us would be worthy.

You see it is not the sin in your life that takes you down in the House the Lord. Even Paul had a thorn in his flesh. It is unrepented sin that destroys the church. Homosexuals preaching is no better than an thief preaching. The bible says "GIFTS AND CALLING ARE WITHOUT REPENTANCE." But what makes the difference is when you repent of your sin. Even if you have to repent all day long, repent. He is faithful and just to forgive. That's why homosexuals or doing so much in the church, they are looking for forgivness and wondering what service will be the one to change their life. If homosexuality is so much fun, why even go to church? People want change that's why they come. So we cannot judge but we can maintain order. And if that means preaching that it's wrong to stop our young boys in puberty from going that way, then preach we must. But if we sit back and not say anything about sexual immorality in the church, we will never overcome the mind game of it all. Transformation and Reformation is the key. That's what the church is all about.
I agree with EVERY WORD you posted here.
Granted, there are some homosexuals who don't want to change and enjoy their lifestyle but then again there are some homosexuals that go to church week after week who DESIRE to change but how can they be changed when they keep hearing gay jokes, negative comments and condemnation?
How can they be changed when there is no one speaking about a change that can happen?
How can they be changed when those who HAVE been changed are intimidated into not speaking about the change that Jesus can bring?
The last line of your post was the most important piece of the salvation puzzle!!!
I think the reason we can agree is because we are probably closer to the same age which means we have a different way of approaching real life situations and questions than a couple of generations before us.

I grew up in the Holiness church. We were taught that Holiness is walking in the ways of Yahweh. And that's the transformation and reformation part. You can't walk in his ways unless you know his ways. Joking about someones "thorn" is probably not walking in his ways. Condemning someone's struggle is probably not walking in his ways. He said "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD (NOT THE CHURCH) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON...."

At my church, I don't even want to know someone's struggle so that I'm not clouded by it when it comes to preaching. The less I know about someone's dirt the better. That helps me to throw rocks without wondering who I hit. Keeps me agile in what I can say because I dont' know nothing about nobody. lol. I try to remember that the bible says "EVERY MAN THAT LIVETH GODLY SHALL SUFFER PERSECUTION." In that, I'm prepared to have members that deal with homosexuality, theif, alcoholism, drugs, cheating, must I go on.....But all of us have one thing in common, we are all sinners saved by grace! peace
"At my church, I don't even want to know someone's struggle so that I'm not clouded by it when it comes to preaching. The less I know about someone's dirt the better. That helps me to throw rocks without wondering who I hit. Keeps me agile in what I can say because I dont' know nothing about nobody. lol."

See, now if I saw more of this kind of ministry on the BPN then they wouldn't have to worry about me swinging my sword lol!!!
I don't like to see anybody being "stoned" when Jesus never threw one.
They fail to realize that Jesus NEVER judged a sinner but He DID judge the church of that day for their bias and unfair judgement.
If I lived in Dallas you'd have an honorary member lol!!!
And I would be delighted to have you there! lol. In the meantime, keep on swinging that sword, and cutting down heathens in YHWH's house. The bible says "I WILL DECLARE HIS GLORY AMONGST THE HEATHEN!"

My ministry is a deliverance ministry, so I focus on giving people an alternative to their private and secret life. That alternative is Christ. It's not my job to follow them home and see what they are doing in their bedroom. But if I preach under the anointing, my sermon will follow them home and it will follow them all the way to their bedroom. Nothing can deliver like YHWH'S word.
First, it amazes me the bigotry, discrimination and hatred that spews out of the hearts of church folk when homosexuality is mentioned. Some of what I read in this forum is hilarious especially the woman who LIED and said that the Bible told us not to be around homosexuals. I asked her for that scripture I'll see what scripture she pieces together to come up with an answer for the lie she told. Another poster said that if they don't want to be saved they should be put out of the church? I wonder if he also believes that unrepentant heterosexual fornicators and adulterers should be put out of the church as well? I doubt it because in the church homosexuality is the only unpardonable sin.
Next, being that God has freed me from homosexuality I can say that it wasn't because of the negative, hateful, hurtful words disguised as the Word of God that I've seen on this forum. My best friend who is a great man of God and my best friend LOVED me when I was in my mess.
When I partied, he prayed for me.
When I drank, he prayed for me.
When I got into ungodly relationships, he prayed for me.
When I got hurt because of said ungodly relationships, he prayed for me.
When I cried and wanted to give up, then I gave up and went back, he prayed for me.
When I got mad with him for speaking the truth in TRUE love, he prayed for me.
Then with all that prayer he LOVED me in my mess. He NEVER judged me. He NEVER called me out my name. He NEVER turned away from me. He listened when I needed to talk. He prayed for me when I needed prayer. Sometimes I would be on the phone with him for hours but he sat there and listened to me.
What church folk fail to understand is that Jesus sat with the sinners and HE shunned the church folk- it's in the book!!!
There is a difference between church folk and saints of the Most High God- and this post subject and the responses show that difference.
My best friend loved me and saw what God saw in me and wanted to do in my life and now look?
After 10 years of his prayers, loving me as a child of God and sacrificing his time I'm saved, set-free and walking daily in my deliverance.
How many of you can say someone came to Christ because of the love you showed, the prayers you prayed and the time you just spent being there to listen?
Judging by the responses I've seen I doubt any of you have.
No sin is unpardonable unless you don't repent. The problem with gays is that they don't want to repent but wants the church to say that it is okay to have sexual relations with each other and God will over look this sin.

Just like any other fornicator, gays have to repent as well. You don't have Cart Blanche to keep doing what you do without repentance. REPENTANCE IS A MUST FOR EVERY SIN NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL.. Sin is sin. And homosexuality falls in that category. Two men fornicating is not acceptable. IT'S SIN
So true.
The problem is they are finding sanctuary in the so-called church because the so-called church (most) are corrupt...AND IT'S NOT JUST HOMOSEXUALITY!!!!



There are people on this site that i've seen in the past post things against a subject however, they themselves are bound by the very same sin...Some have confessed some have been exposed...People keep hanging on to this RELIGION and that is not what will get you the Shalom you need in the Most High, it is going back to his original set up of Laws and starting there...Loving your neighbor began in the Torah (that is what Yahshua was quoting from)...So if you want to know what love is all about you have to get back to THE FATHER YAH!! Not worship the Son and remove the Laws of the Father with the so-called NEW religion of the Son.



What I think is that people are not really getting saved AND FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST. Because sweet and bitter water cannot flow from the same fountain. If you are saved and truly filled with YHWH's spirit, you will not allow the sin of others to dictate your service to the Lord. In other words, we don't come to church to find out or wonder if the preacher is gay, we come to hear what thus saith the Lord. If YHWH's could use a rooster and an ass to preach, surely he can use a sinner. Our concentration should not be on the singer, the dancer, the preacher the musician, it should be on the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Even Paul knew this when he said "I KEEP MY BODY UNDER SUBJECTION LEST BY ANY MEANS WHEN I HAVE PREACHED TO OTHERS I MYSELF BECOME A CAST AWAY." What that said is, "I'm having flesh problems too, but I'm gonna keep to myself and work on myself, becasue I don't want to preach yall' into heaven and then end up in hell."
Just because you are gay and in the church doesn't give you more rights than a drunk that's in the church. Church is about reformation and tranformation. And if that's not being done, people are not being set free. Remember what the Word says, "YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN", it said "AND BE RENEWED IN THE SPIRIT OF YOUR MIND." So no one is hating gay people, we are calling sin, sin, and holy, holy. Whether you are ready to give up the world or not is your business, but don't rebuke church folk for trying to live and preach the Word by faith. We didn't come up with the rules, the were written in the book. Those same rules even convict us preachers sometime, but we take it and do better. And please remember that whether you like church folk or not, the bible says that "UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH AND THE VERY GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT," So no matter how silly some of us "church folk" are to you, he is coming back for the church "us folk" and to judge the world. And not vice versa.


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