This is a widely debated topic now , not just for the World but for Chuch and Christians.

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Wayne, do you even know what refute means?!


Lol dude you sound ignorant using words that you don't even know the meaning to trying to sound all educated.

Here is the most powerful and scholarly Theologian in the world on human sexuality, with his works on homosexuality and what the Bible actually teach concerning this horrific behavior and lifestyle. He is so sharp that literally no homosexual group will debate him on the subject! They all back down and make excuses for not debating this world renown scholar!


Read it and be blessed!

Walter Wink is good as well


A good site for those who are trying to fing middle ground is here:

they cover both sides.  Again the issue is legal marriage as defined by the federal government, you may argue morality when this is actually a legal issue.  Marriage in America is an issue of Law. That is the issue.  Now for those reading they can see who stayed on the issued and who went on negative rants. 

As we appreciate all the links provided. We dont want links shared but want to hear Peoples thoughts from there hearts on this subject. Other Links  this is not the platform for them. This is a discussion where we want to hear Individual thoughts. Lets continue the Discussion . Much Agape Love to everyone.Thanks for your comments..
Amen Dr. Brown, I would rather have our own words as well and can we please employ a civil debate as well? 
There is no "middle ground" when it comes to the God-ordained institution of marriage and the family. The issue of marriage is rooted in morality given the fact that a class of people want to be able to have their perverted and wicked lifestyles validated. What God has ordained is the priority and those that are truly "Christian" have to take that seriously. I would NEVER EVER unite to sexual perverts together in "holy matrimony" when in reality there is nothing holy about their union! That's where I am and that's where I will be until I see the face of Jesus!
Wayne I get it and yet again your morality cannot deny others their civil rights. You hold on to your beliefs.



Gay marriage is NOT a Civil Right. Here is what Justice Elena Kagan said at her confirmation hearings when asked if she believed that the Constitution provided for SSM: "There is no right to same sex marriage in the US Constitution." (May 2010) So what "Civil Rights" are you referring to? As you would surely know, Ms. Kagan is reputed to be a practicing Lesbian herself. So yes, my morality is on good solid grounds, and if it means redefining what marriage is and what it represents, then it is without question a moral issue and not a civil matter!

Again your morality cannot deny others their civil rights. As far as Justice Kagan she has explained the context of her answer and the answer itself.  People look closely at the tricks of the religious right (not saying you Wayne but where you got this info)

they will take a quote and run with it.  That why it is important to follow what Dr. Brown has stated and use your own words.  You can't use your own words, you still have not really answered anything of substance.


Again marriage is a civil issue.  Where do you get a marriage license from? The church or the Court House?  



Is God in the constitution? 

The statement from Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, in front of the confirmation hearings committe is on official record as to what she said and the context in which she said it.


I have a very good handle on "context", and not only did I intently listen to her words on live television, I also read the transcript, and she said in the simple context in which she was pointedly ask, "Does the US Constitution provides for same sex marriage?" to which she very simply responded, "There is no right to same sex marriage in the US Constitution."


The Government works as a tool/instrument of the justice, order, management, and governance for Almighty God, and she is accountable to the God who created Government in the first place (Romans 13). Therefore, I got my license from God through the State Government, and more importantly, I got God's sanction, approval, and blessing on my marriage.


This leads me to a straight and forward question to YOU: would you perform a so-called "marriage" between two men? If so, who would you pray to in asking to bless, ordain, sanction, and approve of that perversion? Certainly not the God of the Bible???? So, I'll be very interested in seeing your response especially to that question.


"You Can Separate Church from State; BUT, You Cannot Separate God from Law" (Author unknown)

Justice Kagan has cleary explained her answer and put it in context in later interviews. How in the world is your answer valid about God and the government? 1 God is not mentioned once in our constitutiion 2 Our form of government is not biblical, monarchy yes but not democracy.

You skated by my question. The real answer is that without a state recognized marriage you or your spouse will not be entitled to benefits that legally married couples are entitled to. God can recognize your marriage but if you fail to make it legal then your marriage is ignored by the state. And let us get on what we call marriage,lol. Our marriage today does not resemble biblical marriage. Our example of marriage in the Bible is one that resembles a contract between the husband and the brides father. It was a business deal and women had no say infact they were treated as property along with children.
This is what this is for our comments & thoughts & not posting other peoples points & views. We dont know these people but its not the platform . This is a platform for us to share & discuss rather we disagree or not as long as we are respectful of each other & the Spirit of The Lord..True Agape Love to all. Lets continue to comment,


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