Are you making a difference for the better in the lives of those around you?

Are you building up, edifying and blessing God’s people and the unsaved?

Are you patient, understanding and longsuffering with others?

Are you impartial to others because of their status, education,
wealth or poverty?

Are you doing what you do to be seen, get glory or honor?

Are you self-promoting?

Do you compete with others to ty to to out do them?

Are you jealous of others because of who they are or what they have?

Are people lives being changed for the better because of what you say or do?

Do you give of your time, money, substance and energy for the sake of others,
without looking for anything in return?

Are you willing to make sacrifices for others or for kingdom purposes?

Do you have a spirit of excellence when you are doing any thing for the Lord?

Do you work well with others? Are you a team player for the good of the whole?

Do you have a prayer life?

Do you give your self to studying the word of God?

Do you honor God with your tithes and offerings?

Is worship and fellowship with the Lord a priority in your life?

Are you Spirit-led and Spirit-governed?

Are you willing to deter from your agenda to follow and submit to the Lord’s
at any time, any place and with any one?

Are you obedient in all that the Lord tells you to do?

Do you follow and obey God & His word with your whole heart?

Do you treat God’s people as He does, with respect no matter who they are?

Do you love God’s people regardless of the race, status, state or condition?

This is a good time to examine your self and your ways to be sure that you are effective in ministry and in serving God’s people. If what you preach, teach, say or do does not work for you, it won't work for any one else!

Apostle Dr. Melody Barclay

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