I ask the question that filters my spirit . How grateful are we in the Body of Christ we say we are yet our actions reflect differently. As believers we take so much for granted and are we really our brothers keepers. Or is it only our problem to intercede when we know the individuals , or apart of our church family. Aren't we all apart of the church family. If you were the only Jesus people would ever see what would they say. Yet we even as Leaders get beside ourselves many times because it's not our anointing we are just the vessels for the master's use. Have we just set aside a few minutes to tell the Lord how much we appreciate him. It could have been us in the grave, the hospital, homeless, hungry, naked, unsaved, undelivered Yet we at times forget if it had not been the Lord who was on our side. His mercy and his grace. I just encourage all of us to be more grateful and thankful to Lord. Lord what can I render to you instead of always God we need or I need. Let me talk about myself. I am indebted to the Lord . I owe him all that i have because he has made me all that I am. W
What about you ask yourself. Really How grateful am I and do I display that in my daily life to the Lord and others.

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