It really disturb me(and I have continue searching myself) when I see how we as believers suppose to represent CHRIST in every aspect of our lives but me fail to do so. The scripture tells us that our lifestyle should be a testament to those who are unbelievers. How can it be a testament when we are living a "watered down lifestyle". The bible declares that we are Ambassadors for Christ. We are his personal representation here on earth. Watching our daily demonstration of living should be in harmony with the bible. We should be the HOLY MAGNET that draws them to the church not from the church.

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The absence of Torah is the mystery of lawlessness(2 Thess 2). The majority of Christianity disregards Torah, saying that it done away. But, if Torah is our standard for living holy, then how can that be. Where there is an absence of Torah, there is only lawlessness, which in laments, as you said,"water down lifestyle".

Many are being drawn to the church but not by the Holy Spirit. Because of the new found popularity of the church through it's entertainment channels millions of people are flocking to churches. I must say that they are flocking to the buildings that they call churches because the true church is the body of Christ. The body of Christ are those that are in Christ not in the church building. We must learn to separate members of the body of Christ from church members.

That being said, people are making a mockery of themselves and their own organizations and not God's church. The Lord has already declared that none of his would be lost. Therefore, everyone that chooses to play around and not walk in true holiness will be lost in the end.
What many see as the Church is not God's Church. If you know the scripture there is a broad road to destruction and many will travel this road and only a few will find the road to eternal life. Many of the so called Christians are actually Satan's implants. It seems that in the end the joke will be on them and not our Lord that they are mocking.


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