By Dr. Melody Barclay

Have you ever been asked the question “How is your love life?” Well during my life time I have been asked that question several times. And when that question was posed to me, it was relating to me having a man in my life, and the status of that relationship with that man. It also related to if I was in love with someone or if I was dating someone.

Today I am asking you how is your love life. But I am asking you about your love life with the Lord. Jesus says in “If you love Me you will keep My commandments.” And you know when you love, really love a man or a woman, there is nothing that you would not do for that person. There are no limits of your love, care and protection for that person, and you would be so willing to make any sacrifices necessary to win that person, please that person or show that person that you love them. But do we love the Lord like that? Are we willing to do whatever is necessary to obey His word, please Him and show Him that we love Him? Or do we just have a shallow relationship with Him? Are you just playing girlfriend/boyfriend with Him? Or are you in the relationship just for what you can get out of it or what He can do for you? Many might not verbally say that they are or have these kinds of relationships with the Lord, but if they were to study their relationship, they would find that their relationship with the Lord is such as these, and really shallow. They pray on the go or on the run. and don’t take out quality time to love, adore, romance and worship the Lord. If you don’t spend time with the one that you love, then you are not really loving that person. If there was a man in my life and he didn’t spend any or little time with me, then I would question his love for me. And the answer would be as obvious as the nose on my face, that he really doesn’t love me like he say that he does.


 When you love some one, you love to be around them, you love to communicate with them, you love to be in their presence. So it is when it comes to the Lord, when we really love Him we will find time and make time for Him. We won’t let anything come in the way to rob us of our time, attention and energy, that we need to spend with Him. When you don’t have a prayer life, you should question your love life with the Lord. A prayer life or life of prayer doesn’t consist of prayer for 5-15 minutes a day. Your prayer life is the time that you deliberately set yourself aside to be with the Lord. It is mostly not petitioning Him either with prayer requests or your needs. Realize that your prayer time with the Lord is a privilege for you and should be treated as such. Realize that your prayer time means that it is a time for the Lord to communicate to you, love you, encourage you, heal you, minister to you and empower you.


The Lord told me several years ago when I had taken on a job that took me away from spending time with Him, “I miss your spending time with Me.” He also spoke to me several years ago on my way to a prayer meeting, “Tell My people I look forward to their spending time with Me. Tell them that their prayer time with Me means more to Me than them praying just because My word says they should pray, or them praying because their pastor calls for them to pray.” So according to God, our prayer time with God is a time of intimacy and fellowship with Him, that He longs and awaits for with us. It takes time to get your self quiet and settle before the Lord. It takes time to get things filtered out of your mind and spirit so that you can hear and perceive the Lord clearly and accurately.

How is your love life?

Do you need to spend quality time or more time with Him? Do you need to develop intimacy with the Lord by incorporating more love, more worship and more adoration for Him during your prayer time? Do you need to make Him a priority in your life and adjust everything around Him, instead of leaving Him last and giving Him the leftover of your time and self?

How is your love life with the Lord?

Are you serving Him and doing ministry because you have no other option or are you really doing it out of your love for Him and obedience to Him? Do you look forward to settling your self quiet and alone to spend time with Him, or is it boring or a struggle for you? If it is, you need to do a love check. Falling in love with the Lord will be the best thing that you could ever do!

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THIS IS A TRUE EXEMPLIFICATION OF ONE`S WITNESS TO THE TRUTH FOR THE WORDS MEMOREX WITH THE TRUTH!!!! .............................................I AM PROUD TO HAVE MET YOUR AQUAINTANCE AND TO BE ILLUMINATED BY YOUR WORDS .........OF...................... PROSE POEMS AND WRITINGS..........................................TRULLY WHEN YOU LOVE GOD .............ALL ELSE FALLS INTO PLACE.......................HE IS HIGHLY WORTHY TO BE GIVEN ALL OUR TIME ........................NOT JUST QUALITY TIME ...........................THANK YOU DR. MELODY BARCLAY.........YOU EXEMPLIFY KNOWING HIM INTIMATELY AND SACREDLY ...................................IT IS A PLEASURE TO BE HERE IN THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautifully spoken, and it is so true. It's time that we all examine our love life with the Lord. He must be our first love. And if we truly love him. Like you have spoken we will do everything within our power to please him, and spend time with him. Whatever we do in his name, should be done out of love for the Lord. May the Lord blessing continue to impower your life.


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