I don't know anything about the Minister, who she is, however this video was sent to me today.

I know plenty of sarcasm will be posted, this is not this or that, why are the people doing, wearing or acting like this or that.

however keeping in mind that Jesus, raised Lazarus from the grave, parted the Red Sea, fed the Multitudes, and calmed the Sea.

I Choose to believe HE is still in the miracle working business

By HIS stripes we are healed!!!!!


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this is very very powerful,Praise the most high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is funny because my son (A'sa 8) named after one of the kings of israel ,whom die from desease in the foot ,but @ his end he sought doctors instead of God ,me and him was reading scripture about a'sa and a'sa died at 40 ,so my son asked does that mean that I'll die at 40??? and i challenged him to find out what it was that made a'sa die ,and 5 min later he said a'sa went to the doctor and not to God to heal his foot desease ,This made me feel good that he understood that ??? i smiled in concideration of it all that day???

as you said sista Altha i in no way agree with these practices ,but i in noway limit the power of the most high

2theNcrease of Knowledge&Truth---BruthaPharoah
Amen, Great humble post Brother Pharoah
Evang. Fugett:

A sister friend shared this video clip with me also about a week ago.

I have no doubt about the miracles of God.

Praise the Most High indeed!
God is STILL in the healing business, may His name be praised forever!!
Thank you for sharing, Sis Fugett.

And Pharoah - I totally agree about what you taught your son.

My grandmother laid hands on me because of the condition of migraines many years ago, I haven't had one since. Your statement "It's a delicate situation that requires faith of one or both of the parties. " is so very true, and one that stirs contention because of the issue of faith in some, however it doesn't make it any less true.

Bro Pharoah, when you train up a child, when he is old he will not depart, Amen
Bless you Girls! :-)

O I love it when the saints share their testimonies of how our Great God steps out of eternity and heals us.
I love yall testimonies Sisters - I just eat them up!!!!!
We need more of your testimonies to encourage the saints about the wonder power of Jesus.
Tell them to acknowledge the commandments of God along with their testimonies, it is because of the commandments is why true Saints have testimonies.
Hez, you can't boast in the power of God because you have not moved past the letter which killeth...
Get with it Hez and you BHI guys - It Is The Spirit Which Makes Alive !!!
You sit in your dead classes during church services and you KNOW there is no movement of God.
Otherwise as much as you guys post - you would be bragging about the miracles God has wrought in your lives.
If you were wise - you would be jealous and want to know the God Christians serve.
Real Christians not the wordlings that call themselves followers of Christ.
Amen Sis. Newview.

If he and a few others were to share their testimonies as to where God has brought them from and how He has moved in their lives, then we could truly relate. But until then, their marching to the beat of the Laws is just that . . . a march, indicating no relationship.

It is a fact we are to walk in obedience to God, but God also desires to have a relationship with us individually and collectively.

You do not want to worship the God of Israel. That is fine. Please don't call me BHI. I am a Christian by Doctrine, and Israelite by nationality.


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