I don't know anything about the Minister, who she is, however this video was sent to me today.

I know plenty of sarcasm will be posted, this is not this or that, why are the people doing, wearing or acting like this or that.

however keeping in mind that Jesus, raised Lazarus from the grave, parted the Red Sea, fed the Multitudes, and calmed the Sea.

I Choose to believe HE is still in the miracle working business

By HIS stripes we are healed!!!!!


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" I am a...Israelite by nationality. "

Of course you are.
And keep hope alive.
There is no hope. It can be proven out if you are willing to believe it because I have plainly showed in the scriptures that we are to keep the commandments, and you don't believe that. I thought you would be the one to get understyanding, and believe the scriptures as they are written, and I see that Sister Harris is coming along better than you are. She is beginning to see the truth, and teach it back. You on the other hand are just trying to keep up confusion. I guess I was wrong about you.
What does you making up a myth about your nationality have to do with keeping the law?
Myth. It is Biblical, but you cal it a myth. OK.
Hez, at times a man should be silent
Listen, Sister I was replying to SIster Newview. I am slow to speak and quick to hear. I think maybe you should read in the Bible what a woman's place is. Please don't take offense to this with your emotions.

Here is a link: http://abcpreachers.ning.com/profiles/blogs/a-womans-place-accordin...
Amen!! I truly beleive in God who can perform any miracle!!!!


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