For the past three days I have been wrestling in my spirit about this new job then I find out that there are other nurses with half the time on the field with you, getting paid more, that kind of irritated me, well today, on day 4 of orientation and preparation, another woman walked in and out of the break room rather quickly, but her tshirt read: DARE to take charge of your life. I got up, got my keys, my pirse and left the building. With my mind set to take charge. I am blood bought I owe no one anything and I refuse to settle for less than what I'm worth. I am going to the next level even as I type this to you, and I want to challenge some and encourage others to take charge of your life, YOU belong to God.

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Dear sister, First cool down, pray & meditate on the Lord. You are letting the enemy get you upset over something you do not have control over. How many times did you use the word "I". "I refuse to settle for less... I am going to the next level..." Jesus told the disciples something, on the talk about the young rich man. They asked him who can be saved, and Jesus said, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Simply put, YOU, can not do anything without God. You woke up every morning and lifted your hand up everyday because God allowed this to happen, not you. "But WITH God all things are possible." So in essence, when we give God the glory and praise that he does all things, then ALL THINGS are possible. You need to be happy for other people and not get irritated. Your irritation is Lucifer whispering in your ear, like he did to Peter. Praise God about everything and worry about nothing. When we worry, it is a sin, because we are then telling God, he isn't doing his job correctly in our eyes. Trust the Lord to bless you in His time, not yours. Lord Jesus, give this woman who seeks you, the wisdom and power to do things in glory of you Father God, your Son our Savior and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Dear Mark, I hate that it took you a little of 5 months to read this and reply, as it was wrote in November. Don't remember a need to cool down!!? Just took what I saw, stepped out in faith as I do in everything. If I used the word "I" is because it was I doing the step of faith. So basically you are telling me, NOTHING ever irritates you. that being the case, I will bid you God speed now, because you are about to raptured, brother even Jesus got angry, read your book and stop being judgemental, especially on something almost half a year ago. Peace to you.
Thank you Evangelist, it is my prayer that other responders would visualize the same rather than being judgemental and hypocritical. Thank you angel.
Jesus got angry because they defiled his church. You can not align your anger to equate it to Jesus'. No, anger is not a sin, but what we do with our anger is when it becomes a problem. We as believers need to stop trying to control our lives and let God do that. We as Christians need to pray and meditate for the holy spirit to give us guidance when we need counsel. Without taking things to God for an answer, we are going on our own accord. Constantly praying to him for guidance builds that relationship he wants to have with us. (Notice I said nothing about or toward you directly, talking about Christians in general including myself.) If God said it was ok for you to be irritated about what someone else has, (10th Commandment) and taking charge of your life without his consent is ok... show me the scripture that supports that. Lastly, I wrote nothing judgemental in the first response, I rephrased what you said, quoted scripture, gave healthy advice and prayed for you. Iron sharpens Iron, but only if we want it that way. God bless.
You are correct, we are God's greatest creation and we are blessed. But..the last time I checked, God was all sufficient, so how are we going to give God something to work with? A bit confused on that statement.


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