what would you do personally? I took this from a comment on another thread, and it is a powerful question.

If a member in the church was found to be arrested for past crimes and did not go to court to account for the wrong, and considered a fugitive...what would you as a pastor or member do? Would you go to the police or keep it hid?

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That is really a wonderfull and intelligent questions that require the wisdom of God in treating and handling it...
If am a member of the church the man that commited crime is attending, what i will have to do if call the attention of the pastor to it and let the pastor knows the gravity and level of the offence he commited,because the pastor may not know that he has commited any crime and be pretending to be like a saint in the church....I will ask the pastor to call him and talk to him so that he will go to police and declear himseld,i know is not that easy but with the grace and lots of prayers,God will lead us all the steps we are taking....
If am the pastor i will invite in and let him know that he has to go to police and declear himself,i will let him know why he have to go and show himself to police for the goodness of himself,church as a whole not to give the church a bad name,also to protect my dignity and name,because if later the police found out that he attend my church and i know him,they will be thinking and the one hidding criminals in church in the name of God and many bad thing they will be saying towards the ministries and is giving bad image for Christ,let give what belong to Ceaser to Ceaser...........
After that the church can now get a lawyer for him so that he can be release in as much he is now born again......
I would counsel them to turn their own selves in (depending on the crime).

Some, I wouldnt even tell them to turn themselves in even if they are in the midst of breaking that law.
Like for instance - being in the country illegally.
I know this sounds terrible - but if they are muslims here illegally. I'd probably tip the authorities off.
If they are here illegally and they are Christian. I wouldnt even counsel them to leave. I wouldnt tell them to stay but I understand people coming here to better make a living for their families
Interesting points, in most cases a group of people cannot be held liable for not turning in a fugitive, the prosecution would have to prove that the group as a whole conspired to conceal the fugitive.

It's interesting Niewview that you brought up illegals?


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