Throughout the scriptures, we find that it has always been the heart of God,that we share in the inheritance of His kingdom,and that upon salvation, we become "joint heirs", in, and with Christ,but there are some things that were never intended to be attained through the principles of inheritance,because an anointing, and the predestined will of God is involved. This concept of spiritual "nepotism" or appointing people to offices, based on blood relationship, or other dimensions of carnal favoritism, is neither a new, or an unexplored concept, because it has been in existence since the Old Testament days. Unfortunately it wasn't very productive or effective then, and it's causing more damage and destruction, in this now, present "Church age". This practice of "passing down mantles", to "keep it in the family" has brought the Church under great scrutiny, cost it a lot of it's "credibility", and weakened its position of power and divine influence through the embracing of political maneuverings in filling positions of Church governmnet and administration. One can only marvel that after all the years and incidents of shame, scandal, failure, and extreme lack of productivity of those churches or ministries that operate in this fashion, few are still crying loud and sparing not, to reverse this misuse and abuse of spiritual authority, and kingdom governmental privileges. Yes, this is another one of the "golden calfs" that are only discretely "murmured" about behind closed doors, usually, and no one wants to openly address and expose, but we stand on the cusp, or threshhold of such a severe northern wind of being 'slammed" with, and by the immutable truth, and the judgement that must first begin in the house of the Lord, that we can not afford the luxury of offense or denial, because for those who choose to not heed the forewarning trumpet blasts,there'll be no extended measure of mercy to accomodate these practices, because the Lord has already provided us with a great window of time, and opportunity to get it together, and conform to the Word as it has been distributed to us down throught the ages!.

In the world sysytem, nepotism sometimes works, but has been know to cause full blown "family feuds" and all out wars, and even the disciples suggested spiritual nepotism to Christ,when they were bickering over a position they didn't even understand, and had not yet, been made available, in their selfish ambiton, immaturity, and cluelessnes, to comprehending the ways and mind of God! History depicts that in organized crime families, nepotism has proven to be fateful to many, and it provoked ruthlessness and mayhem amongst blood brothers and other kin, and it is manifesting in the very church of Christ, in pretty much the same way. it is foolish, and potentially destructive, to practice making ones relative the "next in line" for a leadership position, because of relationship in the flesh, and it is unfair to those whom God ha euipped and qualified, and to those hom the illegal heir will have watch and authority over. We seem to have forgotten that ministry positiions and the church government heirarchy is not established on natural "birthright", but rather the sanctioning, and divine "call",appointment,and anointing of God. To position an individual, by this method,is often,detrimental to them,because there is a grace assigned to every person who has been divinely called for a position in the house of God,( in particular, upper leadership, and the pastoral office),and when an "imposter", or a "write in" is placed in it, the enemy is aware that this individual has no sanctified "armor" to adminstrate the office, and that they are trying to operate in it in an illegal armor that is ill fitting, unproven to be workable for them, and useless against the adversary! To select someone as "shepherd/pastor" over the flock of God who has not been down to the "potter's house",and endured a season of being "made', who was not called for such a position as this, from their mother's womb, who has not a "pastor's heart, patience, diligence, wisdom, and gifting", is a recipe for disaster, and those pastors or leaders usually wind up as victims of the warning of Jeremiah 23:1 "Woe be unto the pastors that destroy the sheep of My pasture, saith the Lord." Therefore , thus saith the Lord of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; "ye have scattered the flock,and driven them away, and have not visited them, behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord"! Somebody needs to send a corporate memo that ministry offfices are not 'vocations",or "gigs", but consecrated positions, for the euipping of the saints and the preparation of "THE BRIDE", without spot,or blemish,and to be carried out by specificly originated and selected servants,who've been purposefully ordained and divinely chosen!

It is a travesty and an injustice to see those who are, not hardly called, or by no means, euipped to adminstrate the Church of Christ, and who have absolutely no intimate knowledge of, or relatinship with God, no prayer life, and who haven"t remotely, studied to show themselves approved, or been "tried by the fire"! Nepotism may have been a reality for the bible patriarch,Eli, whose sins, Phineas, and Hophni, clearly demonstrated no character traits at all that would've qualified them for the positions they held, and led to their demise,as well as their father's. We understand a father's desire to "pass the store on" to their sons, and to see them carry on their legacies, but not when it comes to the things of God, and matters of the kingdom. It is offensive to God, and those who are sold out to serving Him,in excellence, to see these circumstances of nepotism, where the "illegal heirs" sit proudly in their illegally inherited positions, arrogantly running the church, commanding the people of God, leaning back in the "pastoral throne", and raking in perks, prestige, and benefits,hand over fist, while offering the flock of God a whole lot of "nothing"! To even have the audacity to administrate a consecrated office, in the church of God, knowing that its not by the will or calling of God, and to not be convicted, afraid, or uncomfortable, is a testimony of how desensitized to and unaware of the reality of having a Godly fear, and an understanding of the wrath and judgement of God, we have become! To even aspire to such a position,because one has "peeped" the potential lucrativeness of such an office or area of service, is wicked and suspect,because as one nurtures a genuine relationship with God, He reveals the seriousness of being given stewardship over so great a charge,and as He unfolds and reveals the "cost", and the assured difficulty of the "path", and the varied seasons of tribulations, one looks into that "cup of purpose" and destiny and declares, "IF IT BE POSSIBLE , LET THIS CUP PASS FROM ME,!

There are many blessings and inheritances, both now, and for eternity, promised and provided for us, but not the ministry of Jesus Christ, by way of "association",or "relations", rather than by divine design and predestination! There are many things one can covet" if they choose, but not the "mantle' of the servants of Jesus Christ,as they administrate His Church! You can easily identify a Church with a "misplaced", unprocessed, or uncalled leader, because everything about such a Church or ministry will be "off", unstructured,, unproductive, and with an atmosphere of "confusioin, and spiritual chaos! There is a "grace" and a "measure" to will and to do, for everyone, and finding your 'lane", and perfecting your service in it, is a consuming endeavor, even if it's not that of church government, but God's process and requirements for elevation and promotion are concrete, and one can not be eager or overzealous to apprehend them, because they come though utter humbleness and humility, serving in" lesser" capacities, faithfully and with contentment, before one can even be considered for the legally inherited positions within the temple of God. Through the provisons of salvation and the privilege of being engrafted in, we all,as believers, have a portion in God's kingdom, and an assigned work to do, and we are all under a new standard of kinship, and kingdom relationship, but it is the favor and sovereignty of our "blood" relationship to Christ, that will qualify and position us in the house of God, with precision, divine endorsement, grace to execute it, and the proving and sealing of it by the Holy spirit!


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MY brother amen for your post, it is well needed. We have to too many, who have postion because daddy was pastor. I believe in that it is God who appoints and anoits and place in postion. The church have been hurt in a negative way ,By these self apoointed people , who feel intitled. How many times have a pastor died and the wife self appoints herself as pastor. How many times ahve people laboured in the church, yet pased because of a blood kinship. The story of a baptist church who built a 10 millon dollar sanctury . the pastor educated his son , and made him co -pastor. All the other clergy who labored, called, chosen, and annoited were not even considered . What happened to praying and asking God to send our leader{pastor]
Thanks "Doc"! I am a sister, not one of the "brethren"!


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