I'm searching for a BLACK Pastor who preaches like this..........

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I think and believe Rev. that they are being led to sleep like a lullabye. America hides death and makes us believe first that we won't die but live out our "golden" years in Florida...LOL

We for the most part are not witnessing deaths as much as those in the 3rd world are. As soon as someone dies in a car accident, the traffic is blocked from view of the body while the paramedics work on the body as the traffic of cars is directed away from the scene. Even as well as murder or homicide, we don't really see the after affect of death and what death really looks and smells like. We are bombarded by many movies that shows death and destruction from gun play, but they are actors jumping onto soft foundations while still with the color of life. Death is ugly and when the spirit is gone all that is left is the carcass. No matter how beautiful the women are in the movies when they die, they still look beautiful in death in the movies, even sexy at times. But death is never sexy no matter how fione the tabernacle is.

My brother who is 50 years old last week told me, "Scott once I hit 50 its smooth sailing, my houes will be paid off in just 9more years and I could just chill and relax then". I said, "then what?" He said, "then what,what? I said, "what happens after retirement and your home is finally paid off?" He seemed to pause and said, "I'll get old", I said, "then what?" He said I'll probably get sick and die"...I said, "then what?" He said, "I don't know". I said "wouldn't you like to know where you'll spend eternity?" He said, "no"..stiff necked. He hates speaking about death that is guaranteed to all of us. He told me once that he won't talk to his son about religion for as he says its focus is always on death.

People in this world are being deceived as the parable in the bible calls the man a "fool" for thinking only about his home and his vineyard not realizing that his soul is requireth of him. This is why American marketers get our minds off of death and judgement with all their wicked inventions like face lifts by the stars such as Joan Rivers who looks like she's 40 years old but in reality is close to 80 years old. They will do anything not to remind them that they are going to one day and soon...DIE! But as my father always says, in order to get to heaven one must ...DIE! Christians talk about heaven but scared to get there...LOL A stat that a university did a study showed that 10 out of 10 people living on earth will...DIE! Why are we not creating avenues through sermons that speak of our eternal life with God more than on our temporal, vapour life here on earth? Is this our home or our we sojourneying as pilgrims here until we are called to our true homes. Earth to me is the mission fields for souls. Its the work and the battlefield for those who are perishing like sheep going to the slaughter.
and it did not start with them, sin is old!!!!!!!! Dillinger, Capone, Ma Barker and her boys, Frank Lucas, Bannono not to mention Edgar Hoover
The video is trying to show that their is no way Hip Hop can be holy. Looking at the origin of Hip Hop there is no way it can be Holy. If you see some of the other videos then you will see the founders of Hip Hop establishing it as a religion such as (Buddhist, Muslims)

So Holy Hip Hop would be the same as Holy Buddha.
Absolutely, so this message of HOLY HIP HOP in the church is a blind message. Many church leaders don't realize that they have let a Trojan Horse into their sanctuaries.
It's not the genre, it's the message,

The messages of the Guys I listen to are solid. COME TO YESHUAH!
Good, That is what you go by the WORD, some would not have liked the music our Lord listened to.
I love my Gospel rap!!! Cross movement... I see you!
As long as the message is scripture, rap on


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