In my belief ministry and life is all about relationships.

You rarely would hear someone make this request but if you don't ask you won't receive...

I'm looking to build more new relationships all around the world and so I'm looking for more new friends. Real Friends not just social network Friends....

Looking for like-minded people with the same passion for the lost, same heart for the needy, same aspirations to meet the goals for success and last but not least who places the family at home as their first ministry....

If that's you let's connect and move forward together in unity..."a three strand cord cannot be easily broken"...

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I looked at this discussion group and there are two paths one takes in life and especially in ministry.

There are couple of different paths one takes and this all in a way has to do with what I call the Cain and Able schools of theology, which has a lot to do with this discussion group. I find it interesting that this group is located in Preaching and Teaching. In looking at the Cain and Able schools of theology one might think it is right and wrong direction, where Cain did it his own way and Able of course, made the sacrifice God's way, but got killed for his efforts.

One path seems a path of love and the other path seems a path of endless Bible studies, which sounds horrible to say even as I write, but after years of being in ministry is what I see. To me, which may or may not mean anything, one path takes you in the direction of the five fold gift ministry and a hopeful path of love, but that is not always true as some take as a path of right and wrong as well. 

I see the real deal, so to speak is a path of love as it is after or formed around the Spirit of God, which is the very heart of God. We all know that the fruit of the Spirit is love ........ however most read that for some reason "but the fruit of the Spirit is more and more Bible studies." Your right it does sound just as bad as I write it, but I will have to let each one be the judge of that as it, the body of Christ or believers follow after Paul's letters, which were even written after he had left or moved on, but I can see how people would think his ministry or work around Paul's letters instead of what actually happened. 

For example, none of us really know what was said when Paul came into a town or community. It is assumed by most, because they have read Paul's letters that the work he did was about right and wrong, because in his letters to the different groups or churches he formed were about people screwing up. Take Paul's first letter to the church at Corinth, which in a lot of ways was sent because the church had gotten off track and he sent the letters to try to straighten out the direction the churches had made.

So lets try to visualize this (maybe), we see Paul coming into town and because the letters are letters of rebuke one would likely get the concept that what he taught and preached about the right and wrong ways to do things, but in having the Holy Spirit, most of real reaching out formed around the Holy Spirit is really a message of love, where Jesus or Yeshua was sent from God to show us what family or love is. With Jesus we see a very close relationship if we really look at it closely. Peter loved Jesus the most of the group and probably Judas loved the least, but with Peter we see that he loved Jesus, then of course we see Jesus saying to Peter, "get behind me Satan," because Jesus had a purpose and that purpose was to die and be raised again by the Spirit, so we all could be family. 

Today often more times than not people tend to think that ministry is about teaching a lot of stuff, when in actuality it is about or should be about love one for the other. Today in a good percentage of churches it is about studying the Bible instead of loving people. If we build a church properly, first it should be around the five fold gift ministry for a few reasons, the first being that one can really only come to maturity through the five fold gift ministry as it is ordained by God so that we would no longer be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, but the important part is that the ministry is ordained by God so that we could be neatly fit together and that can only be about love. You see it takes real love to stand with each other. Rules do not do it. Yes in rules one will stand together for a few minutes, but for standing together for any length of time takes REAL love and in real love it is not about how right a person is, but about standing with each out of love, because let's be honest, we are all, after being born again are about as goofy as a box of rocks and about as warm as rocks in the box. 

If we look at Christianity with any depth we will find that there are more than 20,000 sects of Christianity and by most that would be the very definition of what "division" really is, but for those in Christianity it is seen as standing in faith. Think of it, if you would for a moment in having 20,000 different sects it is about who is really doing it more right than the other person, with most spending a lot of time looking for the "right" way to do things and each of the sects having their own beliefs about what they think it is all about.

What breaks that is being or having been broken. Paul writes, "my body is broken for you." Paul was not talking about the body of Jesus, but the real body of Christ. The more one has been broken, the more they move in love. The less one has been broken, the more they move in knowledge or Bible studies. A person that has really been broken, loves much because they have been forgiven much. They do not love much because they know much, but love much because they have been forgiven much. 

The communion service or the Lord's table is a blessing and or a curse. If one does not walk in love and partakes in the communion table, they are not able to discern the body of Christ. You see we have religious notions like the trinity, which sounds ok, but those broken and those walking in love see the it as where we have the Father, the Son which is Christ and Christ is in two parts where we first have the head which is Jesus or Yeshua, but then to make up the balance of Christ we have the body of Christ and the we have the Holy Spirit that moves in love and out of love and care for all human beings as He breathed life into all the living. 

It may looked like I jumped around a bit, but lets try to make a short cut back to the point. We have the Cain and Able schools of theology, which in part is doing ministry the right and wrong way and the right way to do ministry is around the five fold gift ministry as the ministry brings balance between love and all the Bible studies. Some reading this may probably well see a ditzy red head writing this and to that I will not deny, but some women really see this family the family of God as their children and a good mother does what it takes for her child, the bad mother comes up with reasons why they can't.

If there is a male and female with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, I see that the Holy Spirit is the feminine side. God the Father is a excellent Father and good judge. He loved so very much that He created Adam from the dirt in His very image, which was a carbon copy of God spiritually. Now has anyone noticed that men on their own do not do well by themselves for the most part? So then we have the Holy Spirit that brings the Feminine side and we have Christ, both head and body. 

So that balance could be there He gave the body of Christ the five fold gift ministry so that there could be the balance of love having studied enough in a secure setting where the disciple would be safe, yet go out and still do work related to ministry. The period of time to get into ministry when all of this started was two years, but ran longer. Today we have people in the church that have done little or nothing, but warmed the pews, thinking its up to the staff to make it work.

So, when we came to Christ did we come to both head and body or was it just Jesus, because if it is about maturity to raise the children it takes two parents. In this case the head and body. Why this is so very important is that it is the body of Christ that has all power and authority in heave and earth in the absence of the groom and we either walk in that power and authority or have not even learned that we have that power and authority or do not care or do not know how to use it, which would explain why this planet is in the mess that it is.

We the body of Christ have the very power of God to destroy the works of the devil and a couple of those works of the devil is starvation, homelessness, deal with sickness and disease and give those in prion hope for them when they get out they have the family of God to hold them up, but at the same time be training in their calling and purpose and start to walk in that purpose and calling, so when they got out into the streets with their family of God, they are actually hit the streets running and actually working to build the body of Christ and each member.

Paul did give us a directive well worth noting in that we are to exhort one another daily in their holy calling and purpose, which as you can tell that really never did catch on. WE know how to make a church grow and the example is in acts where the body of Christ sold their stuff and gave to each person in need an as a result the Holy Spirit added to their numbers daily. So we always have know how to do it, but we like to do it our way and build buildings called churches which is the number one way to attract people to come in. Actually a pastor told me that and I should have been a little more encouraging, but no I suggested he get a refund back from Seminary he went to.

So here is the point, we all live in a time from where a good 70% of the church believes there will be rapture for all those that believe. Message sent is not always message received and the message receive is "we don't have to worry about doing things, because we are saved, we will be taken out before the bad stuff happens. Let's be honest and if we got the doctrine right where people would have to go through the tribulation and by they they have to endure it, most people would be doing far far far far more if there was the understanding one would have to live with knowing that it is the body of Christ that has all power and authority in heave and earth to either stop the tribulation from happening or at least put it off as long as possible or at least until the next generation to deal with it.

We have the power of God to forgive sin, but in addition to that for whatever we agree to and touch in His name will be done. That is power. Power of God to care about the things He carers about in ending starvation, homelessness, sickness and disease and those in prison, that is if we had the heart to do it instead of building building called churches. You see it was the Righteous that tells Jesus, when did we ever see you hungry or homeless or in prison and you see they didn't discern the body of Christ either and were cast away in the end.

Yesterday more than 13,000 people starved to death needlessly and the reason they did so is because the people of God were too busy doing other things. So is that love? WE the body of Christ have already receive all the blessing we are going to receive and either we spend the blessings on what God cares about or it is proof we are still running our own lives instead of God running our lives. Granted He doesn't tell us what to do. He does give warning if those thing are not done in what will happen to us.

WE are here to represent the love and will of God. That is what makes a person an person of God, yes through Christ.

It takes some time to build relationships. It takes more time to walk in the relationship with each other. We have done it the way we have done it so long that to even suggest what I am writing about today it would scatter the sheep. In other words the sheep want to hear what they want to hear.

Yes relationships and yes through Christ head and body and the five fold gift ministry or it is not love.



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