IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! WHY, WHY? (Please read:Sexual Misconduct in COGIC for full story)

In the Name of Jesus!! WHY, WHY? Would any Leader drop to this level? I have been following this since Anchored Soul posted her story. I see something here that has been mentioned over and over again..." Sweeping under the rug"!

To Chris Wren as I understand this is your father who has been suddenly placed in the spotlight of SHAME. If you’re an Elder/Pastor you’re just as guilty for allowing him your (Leader/father) to continue. You stated the story that Anchored Soul posted was the most horrific lie ever told concerning your leader/father, Bishop Peter Wren, Sr. My question to you, were you there? Truly there’s only three that really knows the truth; Anchored Soul, Bishop Peter Wren, Sr., and The Almighty God! I also agree with (ILL b Nice) who stated: This kind of negligence has been covered up for so long. How is it that this Bishop/Leader can continue as head of a Jurisdiction preaching the "Gospel" and this not be addressed or investigated? Please read and understand 1Timothy 3:1-13. That does not describe you or your leader/father.

To Bishop Peter Wren, Sr., I’m puzzled about something, if in fact you’re innocent how did you come to the conclusion that Ms Youngblood is Anchored Soul? I’ve read several other stories since and there were other victims. I say that to say this. There’s some truth to her story for you to know who she is or who you claim her to be. I’ve contacted one of the individual through private email. I was very stunned at what I’ve learned. I strongly believe this need to go public and get media coverage. I also learned there’s evidence to prove that you Bishop Peter Wren, Sr. have been involved in sexual misconduct within the COGIC…….. Now that this has my full attention, I‘ll do whatever I need to do to get this to the top! Last, how could you a Bishop/Leader talk such trash about that young lady who you once aid and you claim need to seek some type of Psychiatric help. I don’t care what type of pressure you are under, being a leader you should never drop to this level. Do you not teach to let GOD fight your battles? I pray for your worshippers and jurisdiction that they know the word for themselves.
I would like to share with everyone what you posted about that young lady:

On December 27, 2009, a blog and/or discussion board posted a letter from a member ID (Anchored Soul) concerning the Sexual Misconduct in COGIC. Judging by the content and after further research, the writer is Tiffany Youngblood, originally from Union Springs now living in Birmingham, Alabama. Ms Youngblood moved to the City of Birmingham in search of a place to stay, worship and work while she attended college. Ms. Youngblood attended the church where I pastured and after some time we realized she needed a place to stay. She befriended my family and eventually moved into our home. For a period of (2) two years she stayed with my family, providing her a roof over her head and food to eat; worked at my place of business, providing her with revenue to support herself. In just a little while she would show a forming motive, after consumptions of alcohol, she would make advances at me. After rebukes and repeat attempts, I put her out of my home. She became angry and left the church and now is seeking ways to destroy my character by spreading these horrible lies. Tiffany Youngblood, it is my recommendation that you seek some type of Psychiatric help and if these lies continue it leaves me no choice but to take legal actions against you because of Slander and Deformation of Character.

By: Bishop Peter Wren, Sr.

Now she needs to take legal actions against you because of Slander and Deformation of Character.

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